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07/05/2024 " This review focuses specifically on Scan 3XS – the “full systems” part of Scan.

Without a doubt, I consider Scan 3XS to be the absolute “best of the best” out of all the systems integrators – and sellers of high-end desktop computers (be it for gaming, content creation, or any other activities) – operating in the UK consumer sales market.

They are operating several levels above their competitors.

From start to finish, I have been extremely impressed with my second “high end” desktop computer purchase from Scan 3XS.

I spent quite a sizeable sum on a fully custom build. Scan made the process easy, and delivered a top, top quality system.

At the initial pre-contracting (or quotation) stage, the sales professional I interacted with (Chris P) was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and helped me tweak my specs to get the right build planned and quoted for. Many thanks Chris.

Then, at the ordering and payment stage, once again, the colleagues I interacted with were totally professional.

Then, at the build stage, along the way, there were some complications with the build. Some parts I ordered especially for the build were not compatible, and we had to find another solution. The Scan build team – and the sales professional (Chris P) I dealt with – solved the problem, and the build was back on-track.

Finally – and this is the most important bit – the actual desktop build that I received was *outstanding*.

The packaging – including the internal packaging, which protects the system from damage in transit – was excellent, and intelligently and tidily implemented. It was very thorough and very neatly done.

In particular, I’d like to give special praise to the system builder who built my system – who I would describe as nothing less than a “master system builder”. From the “Build Form” document, his name is Sam L. What a guy! His cable management was immaculate – totally intelligent and mindful in every way. I feel that the “real test” of a system builder is how they cable manage *behind* the backplate. (These days, anyone can make a nice-looking system “from the front”.) Sam’s cable management – front and rear – was “next level” in every way.

As a final aside, there are a few other areas where Scan go “above and beyond”. They provide a video of the system after it is built. They provide some pictures and screenshots of some basic initial tests of the system. They put the system though of “burn in” test, to make sure all is well with it before shipping. The documentation provided with the system – showing many of the checks it has went through – is totally thorough, and again, shows Scan’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.

I can’t speak highly enough of Scan 3XS as a “pre-built” or “fully custom built” desktop systems seller. As a UK consumer, Scan are where you buy if you want total commitment to quality. In my opinion, they are the “best of the best” in their field. " More Info
06/05/2024 " Received my customized 3XS system earlier today, spent the day setting it up and getting my games installed and trying them out. It's a mid/higher range system and honestly I couldn't be happier with every step of this process.

The set up and customization is really good initially, the UI is nicely laid out. I would have loved some more part variety in some areas, but overall there was a lot of options. The customer support is second to none, everyone is so helpful and you're never sat waiting in lines for someone to pick up your chat or give you a call. Thank you to the many staff on the other end of my live chats helping me out and answering my many questions!

Build tracking kept me informed and, even though I had a delay due to a faulty part discovered during their testing, I was kept in the loop fully by Joshua C via email and he made sure my system got to me as soon as possible. I'm just thrilled! The system itself is a dream and had things configured and set up that a lot of other system builders will get wrong or miss.

I could really go on and on with the positives with my experiences, but I don't want to drag. Huge thanks to the 3XS team for delivering incredible service. I will be shopping here again over other places whenever I need anything that you guys stock! " More Info

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