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14/12/2018 " I've been a SCAN customer since 97, I've purchased many things but I only get to buy a whole new system every few years, and today is that day :D
Phone was answered quickly, very friendly guy helped me through my shopping list which was I think considerable at just under £1800, he was very forthcoming with a couple of alternative parts for me where I hadn't got it quite right.
This resulted in actually reducing the bill by about £70, which was not only a nice bonus but just goes to show that this company are'nt out to fleece you, they give you the right information and provide the right parts as the priority, refreshing in today's market place.
Everything was in stock and my parts get delivered tomorrow (Saturday) and the rest of the family said they'll see me in about a week :D
Nice one SCAN, thanks again, as always. " More Info
13/12/2018 " Ordered items Sunday night (9/12/18) but due to card declining payment for security reasons (high value items/Christmas period) I had to contact the bank and scan to correct this the next morning. Items were low stock on ordering so I knew there might be a delay on orders as this is a busy time. I had asked for a Wed delivery as I was out on the Tues so that factored in to low stock. I received an email Tues pm saying that the processor was out of stock and they gave me an estimate on re-stock so it is great that they tell you ASAP so your not waiting in on a none delivery. I have contacted them on a couple of queries reference my account and they have been punctilious on both occasions. " More Info
12/12/2018 " Ordered a 3XS bundle of i7 8700K, Asus ROG Stryx Z390 F Mobo, 16gb Corsair Ram and Corsair Hydro H100x cooler. Selected option to overclock to 4.8Ghz.
The whole bundle was built, tested and delivered within 3 days of making the order, packaging was very good and the service and email updates were excellent too.
Very pleased with everything and a big thank you to all involved at Scan.
Would thoroughly recommend them to anyone. " More Info
08/12/2018 " Ordered a 3xs system for Black Friday, with i7 8700k and RTX2070, that came a bit late but given the busy period of time it's understandable, plus every single deadline specified in the emails I got from Scan was respected.
The system is awesome. Guy who did the cable management is a pro and I'm a wireman by profession so I know what I'm saying. Every tie-wrap is perfectly placed.
Guy who did the packing did a fantastic job. Box was double wrapped in bubble wrap on the outside and fully wrapped on the inside as well, making any accidents close to impossible. Box was really big, too, further eliminating any possible bump during shipping.
Everything came in the box, except for the bundle of games I'm supposed to receive by e-mail. Still waiting on that but it's a non-issue.
My only 'issue' so to speak would be the poor choice in motherboard. A B360 paired with a K processor is pretty sub-optimal, so I would have put a Z board instead and lower the SSD from 500GB to 250GB to make up for price difference.
Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase and I will come again and recommend you.
One suggestion, during the busy times of the year you could use a bit more transparency on your website/facebook page about your delays. " More Info

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