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The Word

What is 3XS? - Specification, Service, Satisfaction

In a nutshell , we want to offer you the right Specification of goods and the right Service levels, for you to feel Satisfied with your shopping experience at Scan so you will have no hesitation to buy from us again.

Our Offering... From placing the order to after sales, we want you to have full visibility of what's going with your enquiry. We would like to offer you our assurance that our staff and procedures will keep you updated at all times to help meet your expectations of us.

The 3XS mindset is adopted by all at Scan to deliver a service level that will meet the expectations of a very demanding market place.

Reality... We are aware that we don't always get things right. It's when there is an issue that the mindset allows us to learn from the experience to improve ourselves by acting on them. Our aim is to continuously improve.

Straight from the horses mouth... Below are some testimonials from our customers who have had both positive and negative shopping experiences with Scan.

Nobody likes to show their negative points, but we believe it is necessary in order to prove that the mindset works and that we learn from the experience. We would rather see these negative points as "constructive criticism".

What do Scan's customer say?

06/02/2016 " I turned up at the store at 5:29 on a Friday after tearing across the country from an appointment in Grimsby and en Route to Blackpool, through horrendous traffic and on a journey that would eventually total more than 5 hours. You can imagine that I was going to be pretty frustrated if Scan was closed when I arrived. Although clearly the start of a weekend and with everyone eager to leave, I was allowed in to place an order. Tom showed the patience of a saint and stayed behind to make sure I had everything I needed. If he had turned up at my office at that time on a Friday, I doubt I would have shown such understanding (probably why I'm not in retail). Unfortunately the case I wanted was in another warehouse but I'm told it will be moved today (following day) and I'm heading back to collect soon.

It's easy to score passing trade, especially with competitive prices, but service and understanding of this magnitude are the difference between a single purchase and a committed repeat customer. With word of mouth being the powerful advertising tool it is, I expect Scan to pick up one or two more customers following this experience.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Tom Gregory " More Info
05/02/2016 " Excellent shipping, package was very well protected inside the box and the inclusion of anti-static bubble wrap on the interior of the case was a welcome surprise. Only had the PC running for a few hours and still setting it up, but so far very happy with the build. I do like the inclusion of performance test screenshots from when it was being built.

One minor issue was the hard drives. All of the slots were actually out of the rails and so both the HDD and SSD were pretty much loose. Managed to fix it quickly enough and isn't a huge issue, but thought it worth mentioning.

Would be happy to use you guys again :) " More Info

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