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02/02/2019 " hi scan i was very pleased with the service i got from your staff members who i spoke to on the phone. you sent me a email confirming it would arrive on 27th December
which was very quick. it actually arrived on the 24th which was amazing and the packaging was in perfect order. so was very happy and when i have saved up some more money. i will be buying a new keyboard and gaming mouse + a new monitor.
i am very happy knowing that i only have to pick up the phone and speak to someone who will be able to sort out any problem i might have " More Info
29/01/2019 " Honestly at first I was very cautious of whom I purchased my computer parts off - I hadn’t really bought anything online before & the stuff I needed was critical as this was for my PC that I was building from the ground up. So you can imagine the supervision I was using to analyse every product I came across.

After some searching I discovered a brilliant bundle on Scan. Needless to say it was exactly what I was looking for. Ryzen 2700X, Motherboard, RAM & Cooler AIO. To say the least I was eager to get it ordered, although I was excited I prepared myself for the worst as I have seen friends and others who have had real issues with ordering components & the delivery being horrible. Regardless of this I was hopeful.

But in every way I couldn’t fault it, express delivery was exactly that. Delivery with DPD was perfect, tracked the parcel every step of the way & the driver was a straight forward cheerful chap which I thought was brilliant.

Out of the box looked immaculate. I even did the dreaded waiting for the rest of my components without checking if it was DOA. Risky, I know.

But all in all, it was that good that in the first instance I now check Scan first for the stuff I need before even glancing at Amazon. Let’s hope they keep up the good work!

Highly recommend. Only critique I possibly have would be maybe this was a one off, stay cautious. " More Info

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