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06/12/2017 " I've made two purchases at Scan recently and on both occasions have wasted my time waiting in for delivery from DPD. I wouldn't mind quite so much as these things can happen. However, what does bother me is that I've paid for the service and it was at 4pm when I was notified by DPD of the non-delivery of items expected today.

I appreciate that this is outwith your control but you are charging for a delivery service that gives advance notice of delivery and then does not deliver when specified. If your delivery service was free like some of your competitors then I would have no complaints. " More Info
28/11/2017 " I placed an order which included some headphones and a gaming chair. I paid extra for Sunday delivery, as this was the only time I was available to receive it.

Sunday came and only the headphones arrived and when I contacted DPD they said that the chair wasn't coming because "they had not been able to load it on to the van". Apparently it's "hard to do their job on a Sunday".

At the time of writing I still have not received the chair yet, it's supposed to be delivered today, they suggested yesterday but I already had plans to go out, which could not be changed. Now I have to wait in again today which I had not planned for to receive the chair.

Obviously this service has not at all met my expectations and this has been a very frustrating experience for me. It's not only that I paid for a service which I did not receive it's that now I have to spend a precious day off of work waiting for a delivery to come, and I don't have the chair and am unable to use it when I wanted to.

I am not interested in excuses about Black Friday being a busy time, this time does not come as a surprise and should be planned for accordingly, services which you are unable to deliver should not be offered.

I spoke to "Jonny" on live chat and while he apologised and gave the excuse that DPD were busy because of Black Friday he only offered me a refund on the delivery charge I had paid. This is the absolute minimum I expect in this case for the reasons outlined above.

I have been a very loyal customer of yours over quite a period of time and I really think that if you want to keep my ongoing goodwill for your company you will offer me something more that reflects the cost to my time, inconvenience, disappointment and frustration in this case. " More Info
28/11/2017 " I placed an order which included some headphones and a gaming chair. I paid extra for Sunday delivery, as this was the only time I was available to receive it.

Sunday came and only the headphones arrived and when I contacted DPD they said that the chair wasn't coming because "they had not been able to load it on to the van". Apparently it's "hard to do their job on a Sunday".

At the time of writing I still have not received the chair yet, it's supposed to be delivered today, they suggested yesterday but I already had plans to go out, which could not be changed. Now I have to wait in again today which I had not planned for to receive the chair.

Obviously this service has not at all met my expectations and this has been a very frustrating experience for me. It's not only that I paid for a service which I did not receive it's that now I have to spend a precious day off of work waiting for a delivery to come, and I don't have the chair and am unable to use it when I wanted to.

I am not interested in excuses about Black Friday being a busy time, this time does not come as a surprise and should be planned for accordingly, services which you are unable to deliver should not be offered.

I spoke to "Jonny" on live chat and while he apologised and gave the excuse that DPD were busy because of Black Friday he only offered me a refund on the delivery charge I had paid. This is the absolute minimum I expect in this case for the reasons outlined above.

I have been a very loyal customer of yours over quite a period of time and I really think that if you want to keep my ongoing goodwill for your company you will offer me something more that reflects the cost to my time, inconvenience, disappointment and frustration in this case.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
I have spoken to Jonny, he wasn't particularly helpful. " More Info
28/11/2017 " Ordered my item on 26/11/17, arranged delivery for 28/11/17, paid the extra to have it delivered by mid day.

Of course just because you have an arranged and prepaid for a service doesn’t mean you’re going to get it in this respect SCAN didn’t disappoint: it is such a shame to encounter company that displays the royal warrant but then disregards its contracted obligations.

Obviously my review won’t be posted by SCAN, luckily there are other sites I can use for this purpose. " More Info
15/08/2015 " I asked to return an item (Core i5 Processor) as per your voluntary returns policy, my issues were not addressed, despite me quoting direct from your own page, each contact took over 5 days for a response and now I'm stuck with an item I don't want, tried to return under your own policy and have bought an upgrade for from yourselves. I am confused and angered by the way I've been treated, I bought replacement items from yourself bringing my total spend to over £1000 and I massively regret spending that money with a company that can't explain it's actions and why it hasn't honored it's own policy, if I had a clear, concise explanation then I'd be a lot happier but my last response from yourselves didn't address what I've asked, which is frankly unacceptable

In short, poor communications, no clarity on issues raised and a shocking timeframe for response.
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Gareth 1505045 - {60106BB9-52D4-4BB9-99E5-36448CDAB5EA} " More Info
23/04/2015 " I received my order yesterday. But although I was led to believe that I would receive an email notification advising what date and time my order would be delivered, I did not. Although you said "on the day of delivery, DPD will send you another email advising the name of the delivery driver so you know who to expect" I received nothing. I didn't receive "another notification advising a 15 minute window when the named driver will arrive at your home or business" and I also didn't receive all of these notifications by text even though I supplied a mobile number. In fact, I received nothing, and this resulted in me having to stay at home for 2 and a half days with no idea when my order would arrive. This is terrible service and I will think twice before ordering from you again. Yours, Sarah " More Info
09/03/2015 " -------------------------------------
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I was just about to order a hard drive from you but on putting in my address found that you are charging almost £10 extra to deliver to Moray. To add insult to injury you seem to think that we are not part of the UK mainland. I'll look for another supplier
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
28/01/2015 " -------------------------------------
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On the 8th Jan 2015 I ordered a Corsair Vengence keyboard (£94.43)(invoice no E2419465) to be delivered the next day to Lincoln by UPS. I was then that evening that this order would not be fulfilled. I contacted your company and was told that this was a problem with UPS and that you would send the order out via DPD (invoice no 02276083) and it would arrive on saturday 10th (instead of friday 9th). The package did not arrive as it was sent to my billing address in London, I had never asked for it to be delivered anywhere but Lincoln. I again contacted your team, who informed me that this would be sorted (after two phone calls) and it would be delivered on sunday the 11th. The package was not delivered on sunday and I spent 29 minutes on hold, being told that I was the next in the queue with 5 mins to wait, this did not change and I hung up. We finially spoke to someone on Monday 12th who arranged for the parcel to be delivered on the 13th, 4 days late. the keyboard was a gift for my father who's birthday was on the 10th. I was unhappy about the difficulty and stress the whole process caused, especially as my brother recommended your site as he has spend approximately £5000 with you. I was even more unhappy to discover that the phones calls I made to your company to try to sort this mess out has cost me £16.34 in charges. There was nothing we could do about not being able to give my father his gift on his birthday, and not even being present when it arrived as we had to return to our homes. However, I would appreciate it if you would refund me the cost of the calls I had to make to you please.
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31/12/2014 " -------------------------------------
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RE: Order 00E2412090

I placed an order for in stock items on 30/12/2014 for next day delivery. I have subsequently received a "we have no stock" email and have been told that there will be no stock until 06/01/2015. How is this possible that you cannot deliver in stock items?

I phoned and spoke to Vishal who explained that the website is "often wrong" and displays incorrect information about stock levels as it often shows items that are out of stock as being in stock. He advised that if I really wanted to know what was in stock then I should phone customer services for them to check stock levels.

Also Vishal made two conflicting statements that:

* "items are allocated in the order that they are ordered" (i.e. earliest orders first before later orders)
* and "items are allocated in a random order" (i.e. random luck as to whether you get the stock or not)

He also said this not an uncommon problem with customer orders. This can clearly be seen in your feedback section at

This is not really a complaint about Vishal as he was helpful and polite and tried to resolve the issues as best as he could within the limited options that he has.

The complaint is actually about your corporate policies and your website not clearly and accurately showing stock levels. It is unacceptable for a well respected company such as Scan to fail to provide its customers with accurate stock level information. Some of your competitors are doing so (e.g. so why not you?

From this order, I've learnt that if I MUST have an order the next day then Scan is NOT the company to use and I should order elsewhere.

I really do hope you can improve the stock information displayed on your website. By continuing to do such a poor job, you risk loosing your most valuable asset - your loyal customers.

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Vishal " More Info
23/12/2014 " -------------------------------------
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After a year of good prices and satisfactory service from Scan, I've afraid I have to end the year with a complaint.

Invoice No: 00E2405131

On Sat 20th I ordered the above and the website said I could have a Monday 22nd pre 10am delivery and so I paid the extra to do this.
On Sun 21st I received an email saying that my order would be delayed because of a shortage of the free gift. I immediately rang and emailed customer service saying I didn't want the free gift and was reassured that the order would go out the same day in time for Monday pre 10am. It was never dispatched.
On Mon 22nd I rang customer service twice. The first time I range at 11:00 and was reassured the order would go out the same day and I rang again at 16:30 when there was no sign of movement on the order to be reassured the order would be with me today. Again, the order has not been dispatched.

So, here we are on the 23rd and I've just received an email saying my order will be further delayed, with an angry client and a dissatisfied customer with an order that was not dispatched over an item I neither wanted or needed and would have easily fitted into an envelope to be posted at a later date.

To add insult to injury I rechecked the website and the free gift is no longer offered and in the same update the item is now £7 per unit cheaper, for a total of £56.

Had it been a day late and still in time to please the client, I would have put this down to the holiday period, but the biggest disappointment is that I have been mislead 3 times by customer service staff and I now have no hope that order will arrive tomorrow.

I would like to hear what Scan has to say over this issue and what action you wish to take to retain me as a future customer.

Kind regards,

Adam Howson
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23/12/2014 " -------------------------------------
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I placed an order for the harbinger desk on the 14/12/14 expecting it to arrive well before Christmas so that it could be given as a present. You are still advertising these desks for delivery for 24th December. It is only by chasing last night that I have been told the item will not arrive before Christmas. I am obviously disappointed. Especially to find you are still offering delivery by 24th. I would like an explanation. I certainly will be reluctant to use your company in future.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Dawn " More Info
21/12/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I recently received delivery of a X-box 360 wireless controller for windows (invoice no. 00E2388667). This order has had several issues. Firstly, despite being listed as dispatched on 01/12, delivery took a further two weeks to arrive. I understand that delivery takes longer this time of year but, in light of my second issue, this is unacceptable. Secondly, sometime during dispatch and delivery, the package has been crushed on the lower-right corner. This has torn the packaging up the right-hand side and made what is to be a christmas present look like a poorly handled second-hand item.

Had this been any other time of year, or had the advertised delivery date been upheld, I would have immediately sent the item back and ordered a replacement. As the controller itself seems undamaged and I cannot afford to wait a several more weeks, I will still be giving it to my younger brother this christmas. Regardless, I view this as unacceptable service and wish to make a complaint.

------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
11/11/2014 " -------------------------------------
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Hi there. Thank you so much for a good quality service, right up until the delivery. I've used your website over many years but simply cannot continue because of DPD (courier). I live in a complex of nearly 1,000 apartments and DPD's name is dirt. They don't try to deliver the parcels. They simply drop them off at concierge, each and every time. So much so, that our concierge staff is now recommending we don't use any vendor online that uses DPD to deliver with.

I've already contacted DPD (twice in the last two weeks as they've failed to even attempt to deliver to me directly) and they assured me this wouldn't happen again.

My custom, sadly, will go elsewhere as a good quality courier is very much part of shopping online.

Yours frustratedly,

Mike Williams.
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22/10/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I spoke today to a customer support representative, and then to Dawn, regarding a delay of my order 00E2356702.
I will not comment here on the support given by the first person I spoke to, but Dawn was very helpful.
Instead I would like to address how Scan currently notifies customers of delays. It seems that, while Scan knew about the stock problems affecting my order yesterday by 4pm, I was only notified of the problem after 8pm. Had I been notified of the problem timeously, I could have addressed the issue with Scan and still received the remainder of my order on the scheduled date.

While discussing this issue, reference was made several times by customer support representatives to the high volumes of "thousands" of orders, and how this makes sending update emails a challenge. I don't feel that a volume of "thousands" in the current day, represents any sort of problem to getting information out timeously to customers. Yes I understand that you're not a huge operation etc. but if your volumes have grown to the point where you can't provide prompt and timeous information to your customers, you need to rethink your operations and upgrade and update where necessary.

On a separate note, I'd suggest that it's worth your while to review the grammar on your website and correct it. Regardless of the size of a company or the awards they have on their shelves, poor grammar always detracts from a positive image. For example, "logout" (while in common misuse) is not correct, the verb is "log out". As another example, your FAQ page is positively riddled with errors ("Situated", "What is Scan opening times", "order's", "Service's", incomplete sentence fragments and so on). Basic errors like these leave an amateurish, unprofessional impression. If you would like any assistance identifying and correcting these issues I am happy to volunteer my services.
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30/08/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Re Invoice No 00e2317859. Sirs, This is my first purchase from you. The transaction was smooth and delivery was satisfactory. Notwithsatnding, I would comment that as the purchase made was my first ever tablet, I was initially disappointed that no guidance literature came with it. I did note on the invoice your statement that it was up to the customer to search and download any required manuals. I submit that I did not read anything to this effect when making the purchase. I have since downloaded what is hopefully the correct manual, but I found that when browsing for it, there was an assumption that a quick start guide had been read. I have made some start with it, setting calendar and date and have charged it fully. However, when I start it up all I get is the date etc and a locked padlock sign which I can't find a way of getting past. I didn't get this earlier when making the few settings I have done, but it's all I get now. So, not the best of starts. Further re delivery costs, why are the Scottish Highlands classified as Non mainland and linked with Channel Islands, Eire and N. Ireland? I live very much in Mainland UK and in an area close to major arterial routes and a lot more easily reached from your neck of the woods than some parts of England eg. The West Country, never mind Eire etc. Of course I recognise the Scottish Islands are a different matter.
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26/08/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
DPD are quite possibly the worst couriers I've ever encountered. My order has sat in their Birmingham depot for 4 days now. Hasn't moved. I won't be ordering from you guys again until you at least have a different option. It's a shame too, because otherwise your service is good and your prices are decent.
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21/01/2014 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
On Thursday 17/01/14 I ordered a 32gb samsung note 3 from your website. This was all processed as normal with 2 emails sent from yourself accepting the order then taking payment and advising mr that the desert date would be Monday the 20th. On Monday the 20th at 13:01 you sent an email to myself stating "Thank you for your custom. We're writing to let you know that unfortunately your order has been delayed due to a shortage in stock of the following item(s):

LN53333 -Samsung N9005 GNote3 32GB Blk

We have been informed that the above items are now discontinued and we're not able to replenish our stock as we had hoped. However, we're still able to proceed with your order immediately if you can select an alternative or remove this item. "

I called your hotline to get so help and advice only to be that you could offer me a full refund which while appreciated is really what you are legally obliged to do. The adviser gave me know other options and because of this I find myself having to take my business elsewhere due to the lack of any effort on your part to help a customer or give mr any reason to shop with you again
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31/07/2013 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
EVERY price increases from the 'Scanshot' email to actually clicking the link and going to the site ,It has cost me several pounds on my last purchase because I didn't re-check the price but that will not happen again , because I've made my last Scan purchase.
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13/09/2012 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I have recently ordered two cables from yourselves, however, I feel the amount of bubble wrap to 'protect' the cable(s) was a bit unnecessary. for instace, a Micro USB cable does not need 8cm X 20cm X 8cm of wrap to protect it. I just feel that in this time where it is essential to prove to the consumer that a company is 'carbon neutral' that this much wrap is wasteful and unnecessary.

I don't think it is really right to put 'A carbon neutral company' on a packet when there is so much waste involved.

I would just like to see that this amount is reduced. From my predictions, I am thinking that prehaps Scan gets 750 orders per day, and maybe 10% of those are over packaged by 300g, then my guess is around 22kg of wasted plastic each day. assuming some drops in sales, this would happen around 350 times a year. I've thus calculated that scan seemingly produces 7.7 tons of unnecessary waste every year.

Please, for the sake of the environment, stop overpackaging your products.


Thomas Bensted
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29/05/2012 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Sorry but you're website is a nightmare!

I keep away as its so complicated but did visit again today - but then gave up again and went to Amazon.

eBuyer are loads better as well in terms of simplicity and being easy to to find products and order.

I reckon you must lose quite a bit of business. I'm a lot more technical than some but still....

The times I have spoken to your staff they have always been fine btw.....but you don't expect to get through on the phone these days do you

------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
14/05/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
There seems to be an issue with your online ordering system.

On more than one occassion, it has accepted my order but within 1 day, each time, my card details have been declined due to "incorrect card type selected". In the most recent case apparently i selected "Visa" type, while the card type is a "Mastercard". As soon as i have called your customer service executive has spotted the "issue" within 5 seconds. i just dont understand why the issue isnt spotted earlier at the ordering stage and moreover why the order is accepted if the payment details arent acceptable.

The cycnical side of me is questioning whether this is a ploy to get customers to select more immediate delivery options (after this delay) or being able take more time in delivering the item or whether its so that the payment details can be accessed after they have been submitted securely.

I never have this problem with any other website, but only Scan. This is a real shame as your other support is good and your prices are quite competitive even if you tend to have stock outs on half of the items i tend to look for.

I hope that the system can be improved.

Best Regards
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Invoice 00E1651927 " More Info
07/04/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
very upsetting experince. calculation at the check out is quite dodgy. carriage charges and vat was not clear in first place. Anyway I have decided not to do any shoping from this site.

I could left your site without saying anything but my comments was only to provide an  honest feedback as a general user's experience. I am sure you wont mind it.
For example, here is the experience as a general shopper or online buyer.
- I selected following item:
 1TB Western Digital, My Book 3.0, External 3.5", USB 3.0

 £65.98 ex VAT
 £79.18 inc VAT
- Here I know I have to pay £79.18 in total.
- On check out the total was showing as below

 Net Total £65.98
 Carriage  £3.99
 VAT       £14.00
 Total      £83.97
- Here calculation is quite confusing. I think you are charging VAT on carriage (the word should be shipping) as well. However on left hand side my basket still showing
 £79.18 inc VAT as a total for my shopping.
- Any extra charges including shippment should be shown on front page with the item. This should be clear in first place so user can at least have an idea how much he has to pay.
- I spend quite long time to search items and put in basket and on check out it was complete different price which I was expecting.
- This should be pretty standard and transparent shopping process as we have with other sites such Amazon or eBay etc.
If you have any further information please let me know. Also  I would like see your comments as well so please feel free to send me your any comments.
Best regards
Ali " More Info
15/03/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
The website would be much better if you didn't have to choose very specific categories before searching. It's almost impossible to quickly find out what your cheapest graphics card is, and it's the same for many other items, whereas it takes seconds to do this on Aria's website. Scan is closer for me but I can get around Aria's website quicker so I generally go there.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
23/02/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Hi there
Tonight is the first time I have used your site - to purchase Dimastech Bench / Test Table Easy V2.5 as seen in Custom PC Apr 2011 - I have 2 problems: (1) Your shipping costs seem excessive compared to whom I also deal with & (2) I had major problems with entering my address as I found the fields of entry very confusing, namely asking for my house number since most sites take that in the first 'address line' (I thought initially you were going to get my address from the postcode but you weren't) - any way I ended up in a loop because your database gave my address as '3 3 Sequoia Park' instead of '3 Sequoia Park' and I then had to edit my address which wasn't really editing it as your database asked me instead for an alternative address which then got me in another loop until I figured out the database's logic for address entry - however I could not delete the '3 3 Sequoia Park' address until I went through with the order and then entered 'My Account' and edited / deleted the wrong address from there - I can honestly say I would not have gone through with the order except there seemed to be no way out at that point of the second address - Anyway, I am making the latter complaint as I have been purchasing on the web for 14 years and have NEVER run into this problem before - could I recommend that you clarify with a link at each address line what you are asking for (a bit like the 3 digit credit card code link) or else don't ask for the house number - I hope you will accept my genuine concerns here as I wasted a lot of time on this order and I'm sure you would not want to put off new customers with convoluted ordering processes - many thanks for your attention - Dr Gerard Murphy
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24/01/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
I am very disappointed with this company. Early in January 2011 I ordered a clickfree 500 hard drive. Immediately I received an e-mail outlining that this product was temporarily out of stock and an estimated date of 24 January was given. On checking I found that they had immediately my debited my card with the full amount knowing that this product was out of stock and there was no definitive time for its dispatch. When querying this over the phone I was told that they could not get any more this item. So now I have to wait for the payment to be debited to my account not a good service at all. I hope others get to see my remarks, however I will publish the same to the consumer forums.
------------Scan Employee Ref--------
not known " More Info
12/01/2011 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Hello, you seem to have broken the ordering process on your website for those of us who use the Mozilla Seamonkey web browser (based form the same code that Firefox uses). The symptoms are that it is impossible to checkout. A further symptom is, for example, pressing the radio button to remove Scansure insurance does not autoupdate but waits for you to hit the Proceed button at the bottom of the page. This did work a few months ago (I think November was the last time I placed an order).
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
03/11/2010 " All I wanted was to buy a good mouse. Your site had been recommended to me. Your price seemed fair. You had the sale.

And then I encountered your ordering pages, where I had to sign up for an account, navigate order form pages so full of irrelevant junk that even my ad-blocker cried and it took me more than a minute to actually find the few important bits of information, remember to uncheck the "please spam me" option you helpfully checked by default (with a generous promise to do so no more than twice a week... seriously?), waste yet more time clicking through a whole series of messages just to disable an insurance policy that doesn't make much sense when buying a component like this anyway but is enabled by default and costs more money, figure out how to change the delivery options to before noon... And then I got bored, gave up and bought the product somewhere else in under one minute start to finish.

However, as therapy for the ten minutes of my life I just wasted on your site, and because some people I know seem to think you're generally a decent company so perhaps you will consider this anecdote informative and/or amusing at your next meeting in customer services, I am sending you this message anyway. Though I did consider not doing so, given that you don't even have an advertised e-mail address and seem to want my whole life story just to try to help you out.

All I wanted to do was buy a good mouse. " More Info
12/05/2010 " Just wanted to say that I've just signed up for an account and wanted to purchase some items for my work. In order to do this it is best if we use the work credit card as that is easier to account for (for claiming back VAT etc). Sadly I could not use the credit card as "it did not match the name of your account". I appreciate the need for fraud prevention, but if I cannot use a company credit card, it is very awkward to order components etc from you. Most other online retailers I've used in the past do not have this problem.

Anyway, I changed my account name, used the credit card, made my order and then changed the name back. I hope the order still goes through OK (I passed the Verified by Visa stage so fingers crossed!).

Also FWIW, it was not obvious where I was supposed to enter the credit card details on the checkout process - I guess we're all accustomed to seeing the normal fields in the general flow of a checkout process and the fact I had to enter the CC details via a fork in the checkout process was a little confusing. It would be interesting to see an ABA split test result on this to see what percentage of your customers are as dumb as me :p

Just thought I'd let you know :) " More Info
08/03/2010 " Your "login at checkout" procedure is ridiculous. I should have ultimate choice over whether I log in.

I have an account. I can't remember my password or forgotten password. I'm in a hurry so I'm not jumping through hoops and I just want to buy something.

So I try just filling in my details and it says I have an account so need to log in. Congratulations, you've just lost a sale!

Tips for the future:
- Log in should be an email address and a password. That's all.
- If customers want to check out without an account, they should be able to.

As I say, it's too late for me... I've just bought what I wanted from another site for an entire two pounds more. I have an account there and they didn't give me any gyp about not logging in. " More Info
13/02/2010 " Quick observation for you.

Earlier in the week, I was selecting several items from the "Today Only" page.

I gave up and finalised the order prematurely as I became frustrated with the way the ordering system bounces you around the web pages.

Let me explain; you select and item, press Buy and you are taken to the purchase Basket.

On approval, you are returned to the "Home" page rather than the page you were looking at; in this case "Today Only".

Imaging going into Tesco at Middlebrook for a tins of beans and a tin of peas.

As you place the can of beans into your basket --- woooosh - you are suddenly at the entrance to the store and have to march back to the canned veggie aisle.

Get the peas and --- wooosh - back to the front entrance again.

That bread rack looks a long way off, so just checkout with what you have got already.

If nothing else, I hope this email amuses you. :-)

Q-Collect and PayPal has made life so much easier.

Have a good weekend.

John E Allen " More Info
30/11/2009 " Today I purchased a couple of products instore and had trouble paying by debit card. I can't believe that a company like yours does not have Chip & Pin machines instore. I can only presume you process all card payments online to save money on processing fees. Your current system for paying by card instore is inefficient and a very long winded way of processing payments. Using a chip and pin machine would speed up the order process, so you won't have large queues as you always seem to have. " More Info
28/07/2009 " Your login system sucks! Who on earth has time to enter their first name, last name, their post code! and their mother's maiden name? What if I moved like 2 months ago and haven't updated my postcode? I have to remember my old postcode and enter that? that is very bad UI design! What if I don't know my mother's maiden name?? what if I never knew my mother? what do I enter then? The only reason I was willing to jump through these hoops is because the items I was buying were a few pounds cheaper at your site then at cleverpc. Had they not been I would have never bothered with you. Seriously, why don't you guys use openID? It will make registration/login a non issue to us users.

Also it would be nice to give delivery options. Sometimes I want an item delivered as soon as possible but at other times I would rather pay a few pounds less and have it come a few days later. (Amazon has a nice system where they offer free delivery on some small items) " More Info
10/12/2008 " I am writing to complain about your services.

I wanted to buy 2 small a simple items. A USB2/Firewire controller card and a DVI to HDMI cable.

I added them to my basket and was promptly informed that that postage would be £7... does it come wrapped in gold by any chance?

Do you just charge one price no matter what the package contains, it's size, shape and weight are of no importance what so ever.

On top of that, you insist on adding vat after the postal fees have been applied... thus adding a little extra in your pockets... I imagine that comes to a nice tidy sum when multiplied by every customer.

I have been a custyomer of yours in the past, always buying in larger quantities... but when the postal fees cost 50% of the items ordered... well it becomes a joke. You actually discourage people from ordering little things from you.

I shall now be shopping elsewhere for these things, and won't be coming back again... even for the larger items.

Thanks for letting me know what you're really like.


Query Type: Customer Services
Name: Gavin Taylor " More Info
09/12/2008 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
What is the point of sending me an email newsletter at 19:24 with the offer of a 16GB Dane-Elec ZMATE PEN Black Jelly USB2 Pendrive for £18.37 inc VAT but when I go to check it out on the website at 20:30 it has gone up in price to £20.01 inc VAT. What is the point in that? Very misleading.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
05/10/2008 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
It would be helpful if the basket wasn't deleted so quickly after closing web page. So many times after putting items in the basket I have left it til the following day to maybe add and complete the order, but this means a trawl back though the site filling the basket from start again. Also, when placing orders, a system where you can add further items to an unprossesed order that hasn't yet been picked would be helpful. I'm forever forgetting something and then have to pay extra postage.
Next, on the order invoice is a comment "Price brand * used" (*= 6 for me)How do customers enter different price bands?
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
01/10/2008 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
* found the previous version of the website cleaner, less clutered and easier to use. I do acknowledge that we all have different opinions, however there are a few real problems:

1. You seem to default to the larger picture view of products rather than the list view. On a slow connection (3G) this is a pain in the neck. Clearly it's pointless to switch to list view afterwards, as the delay in download has already occurred.

2. The search results says, "showing 10 results per page" normally there would be a way of increasing the number of results per page (50,100,all etc). If there is a way, it is not obvious.

3. The order by price function in the search results only orders the products on the current results page. This is a total nightmare when looking through products at a particular price point. My most recent search had 110 results over 11 pages - I couldn't even be bothered paging through them, I just gave up. If I could have seen all the results in one go and/or sorted ALL the results by price I would have found what I was looking for in seconds.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
16/09/2008 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Scanshot e-mails look like Phishing attempts. Specifically, the unsubscribe link is to rather than part of Scan.

Who are these people? Why do they have my e-mail address?

It wouldn't be so bad if I could find a way on the Scan site within the account details to unsubscribe but there does not seem to be such an option.

In summary: I am concerned that you seem to have passed my e-mail address to another company. If these e-mails do not come from you please be aware that they are being sent out by someone.

------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
14/09/2008 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
After making my first purchase from Scan, I was disappointed about a week later to receive your newsletter. It said I was receiving it because I had signed up to it. I certainly didn't sign up for your newsletter, and if there was an opt-out button when I made my purchase, it was very well-hidden. You did not seek, or gain, my permission.

At this point, I might have dismissed you and never done business with you again. I was quite impressed, though, at having received several emails detailing the progress of my order. I also read the text at the end of your newsletter about your 3XS philosophy. Clearly you aim to please.

Here is my constructive criticism, then:

Why does a new customer have to create an account and remember yet another password? It seems to be the norm now, but it wasn't always so. Does a bricks-and-mortar shop make a new customer open an account? Make it optional; by all means point out whatever benefits there are.

Allow new customers to opt to receive your newsletter. Make a tick-box with the default unticked. When the newsletter says "You are receiving this email because you signed up to the Scan newsletter", make it the truth.

I was quite impressed, as I said, with the emails about the progress of my order. I've never received such detailed messages from another company. However, I read the messages when I got home in the evening, and I didn't really need to know that that morning the invoice had been printed, and some minutes later the payment had been authorised. I'd have been happy to receive just one message, as I get from other companies, to say my order had been dispatched. Yet I missed the "Order despatched" message, because the previous messages had reached the limit I'd set on my address, and Spamgourmet had eaten it (I subsequently raised the limit). So tell your new customers to expect multiple messages, or allow them to choose.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
12/09/2008 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
> You are receiving this email because you
> signed up to the Scan newsletter using
> If you no-longer
> wish to receive these emails, please use
> the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this
> email.

Nope, I really, really, wasn't.

Congratulations, companies which upgrade their
marketing systems and lose track of customers'
privacy preferences give me a very good clue
as to how much I can trust them with my other
personal information.

As a long term customer, I'm sorry to have to
put you to the back of companies whose web
sites I'll be checking for purchases for the
next few months. At least you don't appear to
have leaked my details to a third party (I'm
assuming *is* you), so it's
not the terminal offence that some of your
competitors have committed.

I look forward to dealing with you again in
about six month's time, assuming I've not
received any further spam from you in the

------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
04/09/2008 " -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Here's a request for some new functionality on the website ... it would be good to be able to add more than one item at once to the basket.

For example, if I'm buying printer inks and need four different cartridges, I currently need to click "Buy" and then the brower's Back button each time. It would be better if it were possible to select all four at once and then click on the "Buy" button.

Other than that, the website is a big improvement over the last one. Good work!
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
01/12/2007 " Customer Comment Details
ok, I ordered a wii from you and asked for Saturday delivery pre 12pm. Extra money!
I get up Saturday at 7.30. City Link have already left a card saying they've been. WHAT!!! I phone them, they are constantly engaged. I don't drive. Don't need to either because you deliver. The local depot is an hour away. I have 5 working days to pick it up or it will be sent back to you for a refund, oh but minus the delivery charges. Great so about 20 quid spent for nothing. I can't get to the depot on a working day because funny enough I work too. When I paid extra for a Saturday delivery I never realised that from midnight through till 12pm I would have to keep lookout or I was stuffed. I had a lot of respect for you guys recommending friends and family to you. I won't bother anymore. Totally sub standard. " More Info
29/10/2007 " The Word From Scan Customer
Customer Comment Details
Q-collect is offered as an option when ordering online. When you put an order through that way the order should be dealt with with the same urgency as when the order is placed on the Q-collect pods instore.
You need a dedicated picker to deal with these orders as their first priority.
Come on waiting 3 hours for the order to be picked (it would have taken approx 15 mins from the instore pod) is ridiculous, I only placed the order online to try and save time having to wait instore as I have my leg in pot.
If I had not of contacted customer services to check the status of the order how much longer than the 3 hours would I have been expected to wait ?
This problem could quite easily be sorted to make customers experience better.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- " More Info
25/01/2007 " This is my first time ordering stuff from Scan after getting many recommendations from enthusiast friends. So far the experience has been well above average and my endless stream of order queries were answered very quickly thanks to Azura in customer service. Great service!

But I just a few suggestions which would really make shopping on this site into a great experience:
Many of the component details on the website are sparce and lacking in alot of important details like warranties and specs. Even some of the ones that I would have thought were popular like the new 8800 graphics cards. Many of them lack warranty information which I had to directly ask Scan sales for. They told me promptly, but Scan could easily just fill in the gaps and customers wouldn't have to ask. I really like the split sections of warranty, details, manufacturer etc. But it really needs to be completed. Then the products part of the site would be perfect!

Another suggestion relates to some previous comments by other customers.
I'm ordering a full set of PC components so of course, the order has rather alot of items in it. As such, some of them are bound to be out of stock. Now it would be great if nothing was ever out of stock but that would just be unreasonable. What would be amazing, and reasonable, would be to display information in "my account" on which items have already been picked and which items are still overdue so I can tell what is holding back my order and perhaps cancel or change some items if I'm in a hurry.

Scan has really impressed me with price, usability and service so far. If they act on the above two suggestions then I personally think Scan would be perfect and I wouldn't even consider buying from elsewhere.

Just a side note: I tried using my SE Z610i 3G phone with Opera mini to look at products on Scan during my long train journeys and was happily surprised to find that it worked really well! I do some web designing my self and I have to say kudos to the Scan webmaster/mistress for putting together a site that still works well on the tiniest of screens!

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Azura " More Info
17/01/2007 " Better info on the "Tech Specs" pages, many items have missing or very little informations available.

Quicker loading of this page

Fix the SQL error when submitting details " More Info
15/11/2006 " I have just recieved an email and sms to say that my order is delayed due to stock shortage. I find this both rude an inconvenient that you notify customers of delays in their orders once your office is closed so that the matter cannot be rectified in order to meet your estimated delivery date.

I took care to ensure that when I placed the order all items were showing as available as I am in a hurry for the items. This is not the first occasion this has occured and I would like to be advised how you intend to improve your ordering system to prevent customers like myself taking their business elsewhere.

I look forward to your response. " More Info
15/11/2006 " Hi Roxane,

Thank you for your personal response to my complaint.
It is much appreciated. :)

As I mentioned I do prefer Scan to Dabs. Dabs don't seem
as technical as Scan, and that is important when buying
technical components. Plus dabs have no customer support
telephone service, which is appalling really. Even their
internet chat service does not work on Saturdays.

It is good to know I can place an order with Scan via
telephone. I will do this in future. However may I suggest
that you add some text to your site, on the "Delivery" page
saying "we welcome orders from Ireland, Isle of Man etc,
however please phone in your order to us on xxxx". When looking who to place my order with I looked at both sites, to see if they said anything about orders from Ireland, and I could not find anything on your site about it.

Thanks again,

Paul " More Info
12/11/2006 " I love your website, it's great to cut out the middle man and get fantastic deals combined with impeccable customer service.

However I do have a suggestion. If you go to a website such as (the American equivalent to Scan) you will see that their best feature is that next to their products they have user ratings and most importantly user reviews. This includes the Pro's, Con's, and Other's section.

As I am a big user of message boards, helping people choose which parts to choose I often point (UK users) to for your great prices but most of all your brilliant customer service. However I do often have to give them my own user review on a product or point them to a site such as

If you could add a section that included user comments/reviews/scores it would be a great help to all users and I'm sure you would sell more products. If you could add a compatibility list showing what parts work with what (e.g. this motherboard works with the following cpu's) you would help alot of new users but I think this is a bit of a stretch.

I hope you continue to deliver great value and great service, and if you do take up my suggestion I wouldn't be averse to a free water cooling system ;)

Sean " More Info
12/11/2006 " According to my research Scan offers the best prices than any other UK eTailor! It would be nice if Scan implemented a Forum for their customers and potential customers so they can discuss and review todays and tomorrows computer technology. " More Info
06/10/2006 " Your ordering process would be greatly enhanced by:

1. A text field where we can paste in a list of Scan product codes and they all appear at once in the shopping basket. (And a list of errors - i.e. codes that do not match).

2. On individual product pages, providing link(s) to the product's category. For example if I type in "LN11461" and find that that hard-drive is out of stock I would ideally like to see a "breadcrumb trail", e.g.:

Home > hard-drives > SATA > 250Gb-320Gb

to immediately find other equivalant products that are in stock. Your tool to "Find Similar Products" is very good - but doesn't beat a simple breadcrumb trail. Even a single link to the product's main category would be sufficient:

Category: Harddrives SATA 250Gb-320Gb

Luke Usherwood " More Info
05/10/2006 " I must say that I am really surprised that a professional company such as SCAN are unable to deliver to BFPO addresses. I have no problems whatsoever with amazon, expansys etc.. Particularly when the system is simple to set up. I have always been a fan of SCAN and have been impressed with the regular email updates and online tracking tools. The following link will show you the companies who use the BFPO system (including a large number of small businesses, much smaller than SCAN), equally the contact details are available if SCAN should wish to enable easy use of BFPO for the huge number of military and civilian mod personnel working at BFPO addresses.

However, with respect to my order I am keen to have the items delivered to Germany but again query my eligibility to receive tax free goods. The procedure used through amazon is extremely simple in that I would order from amazon using my BFPO address (as proof of my tax free eligibility) I then send an email to [email protected] on receipt of the goods who immediately refund the VAT. Again it could be worth your while enabling a similar system, maybe amazon could tell you how they achieve it.

Karl McCarthy " More Info
31/08/2006 " I ordered several items that were all in stock when I placed the order. By the time my order was picked, one of the items was out of stock. When I phoned to cancel that item, I was assured everything else was in stock. However, by the time the rest of the order was picked, something else had gone out of stock. Very frustrating! Why can't you allocate 'in stock' items as soon as the order is placed? It seems to me that 'my' ordered items can be used to fulfil someone else's order, placed after mine, while mine is waiting for items to come back into stock. If I order too many items, I might NEVER get everything in stock at the same time!

This is not the first time this has happened to me. Helpful and polite customer services staff as ever, but the only way out of the loop this time was to get one of the customer services staff to actually pick my order there and then! A better link between the ordering process and stock levels seems to be needed, so that things I've ordered from available stock cannot be used to satisfy someone else's order. I've learned my lesson about ordering too much at one time from Scan, even from 'Today Only' products that seem to 'promise' stock availability. It has cost me more to buy the missing items from elsewhere, but at least they deliver on items they claim are in stock.

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Neesha (spelling?). Very helpful and apologetic, and got me out of this infinite loop by picking the items for me. " More Info
30/08/2006 " Given your current work load, it would be helpful to me if under My Account it was possible to view currently outstanding orders. Allowing me to see when elements of the order are assigned and what is still pending. This would permit me to check status on-line and not need to chase support staff.

Hope this suggestion helps.

Ray. " More Info
28/08/2006 " Evening folks.

Just a quick suggestion.

I am increasingly ordering more and more things from Scan, at least 5-6 orders a week but I'm hoping to increase my sales and inevitably increase my orders to Scan.

The single biggest thing that Scan could do to facilitate this and increase my orders is to provide a payment method through paypal.

As I'm sure your aware its relatively simple to set up and nearly as simple to integrate into your site (Of which I'm sure the web team could do easily :-D)

It would appear more companies are providing paypal as a payment method, indeed several of my other suppliers do.

Is it something that Scan would consider?

On another note, the new delivery pricing scheme is excellent. The units I normally order have dropped in delivery cost by nearly £5 each. Which means I make an additional £5 on every unit and makes it all the more worthwhile. I know its something that people have commented on before and its exceptionally pleasing to see that Scan are listening to their customers and taking action were possible. Thank you very much :-) I feel like a valued customer :-D

Especially after speaking to David in your customer care team - top bloke - always sorts my problems with the minimum of hassle.

Many thanks


------------Scan Employee Ref--------
David - customer care " More Info
19/08/2006 " Fantastic service from scan. I made a mistake on my order at 1am in the morning on the despatch date i realised. Some other component websites have the ability to ammend orders from the website. Scan doesn't have this feature, which at the time was slightly annoying. However i sent an e-mail there and then and i phoned in at 10:30 just to check the order was going to be ammended before dispatch. I spoke to a very helpful lady and she had already made the adjustment and it was all despatched the same day. Like I said it was a fantastic service, but i could of done with the ability to ammend online.

Stuart Daniels " More Info
26/05/2006 " Having ordered the bulk of my new system from scan (everything apart from the case!) I just thought it fair to write and let you all know how pleased I am with everything. My order was paid for using the finance option, once that was all sorted out I was sailing. Some of the items I wanted were out of stock but it was no hassle phoning up and changing my order, the sales team were on the ball and very pleasing to deal with. I had to sadly return one of my hard drives but even this process was painless and I had my replacement item very quickly. Throughout the normal ordering and also the return processes I was kept upto date with loads of emails, and knew that if I had to call Scan I would be dealt with professionally.

The only comment (not a complaint) is that my order being paid for on finance does not show up in the previous orders area in the my account section. Having spent nearly £1600 on the various components from Scan it would be nice to keep track of my order along side my previous purchases.

Over all I'm more than pleased with Scan and also the staff I had the pleasure of talking to throughout the ordering and returns processes. I have bought items from Scan before and I will continue to make Scan my first and quite possibly my only port of call for computer components.

Thank you all at scan, Keep up the good work.

Stuart McCreadie " More Info
18/05/2006 " just a general suggestion:

it will be extremely helpful if in all your invoice and order correspondence you included the scan item number for each item, ie LN----. I appreciate that these change - you can write a warning footnote - but its extremely helpful at least for a while: As there are many compatibility issues between hardware and also very smal l differencces between items, but sometimes crucial for customers, it makes it easier for them to keep track of what they bought in the past and worked for them, and want to order it again. IE: many different types of fans that look and are discribed as almost the same, enclosures with minor differences, RAM dimms and so on. Many times the description and serial no are not enough to distinguish items from past orders. That would save a lot of time in calls to your technical support team as well. It will be extremely helpful - from a customer's point of view to backtrack from previous orders from emails, so they can reorder items, or avoid ordering again items that have not worked for them in the past. Maybe devise a system where all products have a unique item number for ever and state it in the correspondence. Otherwise your service is excellent

euri george " More Info
19/04/2006 " Extremely poor delivery service.

£7 charge, for a 7 day delivery (and counting). Granted it's more like 3-4 working days, this is still unbelievably poor, especially when you charge more for carriage than your competitors.

Ultimately a bad consumer experience, that I will not be looking to repeat, by ordering anything else from Scan. " More Info
18/04/2006 " Consistent Good Service - Sales & RMAs
I have just had to RMA 2 different pieces of memory for 2 different machines.!! I know its easy to get it wrong when specifying memory so I spent ages checking and re-checking before placing my order. However, I still managed to get it wrong for BOTH machines, (arrggghhh) and thus had to ask for a refund and reorder.

I was VERY impressed at how helpful and cooperative scan staff always are, and accepted the memory for refund without quibble. Thanks Guys - You are doing a great job (Having worked with people in similar environment I know RMAs can be a thankless task).

Finally - a suggestion for improvement. Quite a few times when we or others place credit card orders the card verification fails - think its through spaces or dashes in the number, and/or too many characters in the crdit card name (eg: adding a company name for a company card). This is silly.

In each case its a phone call to get it sorted. It bugs me when this happens a few times, but I guess this might add 5-10 extra man hours to your customer services daily workload. PLEASE ASK YOUR IT PEOPLE TO VALIDATE THE TEXT AND/OR PUT A WARNING MSG ON THE WEB SITE. Thanks

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Thanks to everyone! (except IT/web) " More Info
30/12/2005 " Pricerunner & other engines often list your site for compatitive price, but you have dropped your low-cost geographic phone no., and give no email address on your site which given the usual expensive wait on a 'saynoto0870' phone line at 5p/min ott, is discouraging to enquire further on a search engine lead. - from an old customer " More Info
28/12/2005 " Hi,

Over the Christmas period I purchased some items using the Q collect service. Given the name of this service, I assumed this would be quicker than coming in store and ordering from the sales counter. I placed my order on a friday night and expected it to be ready a couple of hours after you opened on Saturday (the 17th of December) After a couple of calls to customer services, I discovered one item was holding up my order and removing this allowed it to progress. I was then told that the person in customer services will tell them I am coming so I set off. Once I got to your store, I had to wait another hour before my order was ready. I was also told one item would need to be got from another warehouse and would take 15 minutes. After 15 minutes of waiting I was told I would need to wait another 15 minutes and at this point I gave up.

I realise you were very busy over the Christmas period and I do not expect miracles; my complaint is not so much about the lack of service I received but the fact that the Q collect service is misadvertised and there is no information regarding lead times on your site. Some information like please order at least a day before you intend to collect, and how long the items will be kept for would be very useful.

I expected to be able to order online and that my order would be prioritised so it would be ready quicker than if I had gone to the sales counter. This was not the case. It would have been quicker for me to have gone in at 11:00am on saturday and ordered from the sales counter.

Chris Stos-Gale " More Info
05/12/2005 " Why can't you take a leaf out of's book and clearly indicate postage to N.Ireland and include it in the total - instead of adding another day's delay while you remind the customer (me) of something I already know, then show administrative incompetence while I acknowledge and
wait patiently while the order is recalculated further delaying my order. Would it be so difficult to sort your web interface to calculate postage based on the delivery address? " More Info
01/12/2005 " Dear Sir/Madame,
Thank you. I have received my 3XS PC and successfully set it up. I am happy with the 19'' Flat screen and with the specification of the PC however, I have a problem and will have to send back the system if it is not resolved. It is to do with the excessive noise of the system. I am a musician and wanted to get into home recording. This is why I decided to look into your systems and in particular your Audio Creation Systems. A friend recommended your company and after along time considering the spec I decided to go for the 3XS Starter-Studio Package.
Your site states:
'The 3XS Starter-Studio Package makes a perfect foundation for a new studio; offering quality hardware and key features to make getting into production easy. Supplied with M-Audio hardware for fidelity and compatibility.'

I think (and hope you agree) that a big 'key feature' would be a system that does not emit much noise as the recording environment necessitates near silence. Now I understand there will be some noise but, not as much as the fans in my system are making. I work in the IT sector installing Servers in Doctors surgeries and even these high powered systems are much quieter than this one.
I am hoping you made a mistake as I ordered the 3XS Starter-Studio but the invoice states a 3XS-H series (High-End) PC. I record in my bedroom and the PC is just too noisy. There is no way you could sucessfully record anything with out the continuous humming sound of the fans in the background. I also bought the TV card for the PC and it's great but you couldn't be bothered watching beacuse you can hardly hear it over the noise.

Now I have noticed that much of the noise comes from a fan (not the PSU fan) located at the back of the PC Case. It is connected to the motherboard. I disconnected this an it has reduced it considerably however, it still sounds like the Proliant ML350 Servers I am involved with at work (and these are in server rooms). I am not sure how stable the system will be without this fan. I would like to keep the spec as similar as possible but a reduction in noise is more imoportant. I am asking you please to look at this Spec again and offer some solutions to reducing the noise whether it be a different, smaller casing or a different cooling system, otherwise I am afraid I will have to return it as it is no good for me to use for my recording.

Finally, I have not yet received my Creative labs Itrigue 3400 21 Speakers. It points out in the invoice that they are out of stock. However, I have had no information regarding this and I still appear to be charged for them. Can you let me know when they are in stock and when I should receive them.

Thank you for your time and I hope we can sort this noise problem.

James Kearney " More Info
01/12/2005 " Hi Roksan,

I really do think the site is great generally (I'm a web developer too!), apart from this little niggle, so my suggestions to help others not make the same mistake would be as follows:

1). On the "Confirm Order" page, get rid of the second "Confirm Order" button, as it gives the impression there is more than one option.

2). Make it clear in the "Secure Visa" text that this is entirely optional. - If it takes a little longer to authorise if the customer chooses not to use "Visa Secure", then just say that on the page in the text

3). Have two clearly labelled separate buttons, one that uses "Secure Visa" (or mastercard etc) and takes customers to their bank's page, and another that just does the transaction without secure visa.

4). On the Secure Logout page, how about a big message saying that the order has been accepted.

That's all. Hope this helps.


Nigel Berrington " More Info
29/11/2005 " I received this order today and opened it to find everything that I ordered plus a TDK Bluetooth Adaptor for use with a Palm PDA. Upon reading the enclosed invoice I was informed that this is a free gift from yourselves. This is very kind of you, thankyou very much, but unfortunately I do not own a Palm PDA and I therefore have no use for such a device. This may seem somewhat cheeky and I don't wish to appear ungrateful, but could I possibly claim another free gift, one that I have a use for? If this would mean that you'd require me to return the Bluetooth adaptor then I am willing to do so, if this is not at all possible then no worries, I'm sure I can get a good price on eBay.


Martin Williams " More Info
07/11/2005 " Hello Elan,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your input on Saturday. Your help was much appreciated.

Just so you have the background to my visit on Saturday…. I initially ordered via your website on Friday and selected Q collect. Because I was in a meeting my wife actually placed the order using her card. I called on Saturday morning as it was confirmed that the order would be ready to collect. I then received a call to inform me that the processor was in fact not in stock. I wasn't offered an alternative which, as the processor I had ordered has been superseded, maybe I should have been. I agreed to collect the remainder of the order but was told that the whole of the initial order would have to be cancelled and I would have to re-order, minus the processor, when I arrived. I did specifically asked if I would have to wait in a queue and was told it wasn't busy. I was probably in the queue for an hour and the rest in history!!

On the confirmation e-mail which arrived after the initial order was placed it stated that the goods will only be given to the buyer on production of the card used plus ID. I have just tried again and there is no warning of this before a card is entered. Just a suggestion but it may help if your customers knew the rules before actually committing to buy.

I have been buying IT from Scan for a few years now and have to say the service has been totally superb. I often wonder if you have a local happy factory where you acquire your staff as they are always happy and polite on the phone. Usually efficient too. This all makes a pleasant change in today's world so well done.

I am currently working for a small but growing charity in Liverpool ( and will be buying PC's etc. as time progresses. Rather than buy standard PC's which usually arrive pre-loaded with useless software I will probably build them myself. I will certainly order from Scan when the time comes.

Please don't be offended by my comments above, my criticism is meant to be constructive. You have a cracking business there and it is nice to witness the enthusiasm and passion which makes it a success.


David Wiles. " More Info
03/11/2005 " Hey there,

I placed the order through your website, which I seem to recall has a fairly prescriptive address form. The usual emails came through; fine.

Next day, when the delivery hadn't come through by midday, I
thought there might be an issue; when it hadn't come through by 5pm I was pretty convinced; but of course you have to stay until 6pm: sod's law, this was the one day when I was hoping to get the 5.30 train to have dinner with my brother. Checking the city link site throughout the day only revealed that it had been loaded onto the van.

Today, after I called, but before I was called back, the parcel arrived, addressed:



.... which is understandably hard to find.

I was called back about an hour after the delivery, with an
explanation and the waiver of the delivery charge. I think scan have handled the situation very well, given that mistakes do happen. However, the delivery driver mentioned that he had attempted delivery in the morning of tuesday and the bad address had made it impossible. My only outstanding question therefore is why someone didn't get in touch and try to sort it out, or at least provide some notification that delivery could not go ahead.

I hope this is of some use to you; having shopped happilly with scan before, I intend to continue doing so.


Will Moy " More Info
10/08/2005 " Email sent 10/08/05 @ 12.21pm:

Dear Sir / Madam,

The order received yesterday was not as described on your website. When deciding between and I decided to pay more to get a better suite of games with the graphics card. I was looking forward to receiving 3 games I didn't have, specifically X2 the Threat, Commandos 3 and Moto GP2 as describe on your website (your ref LN8229). However it appears I have paid more only to get a package actually worse in my view than the offering from - only one game was included - Far Cry (Not in fact Doom 3 as described on the invoice), both which I already have anyway.

To avoid a collection and full refund, can I suggest the following options which I'd be happy with:

1) A refund to my credit card of the difference between what I paid to, and what I would have paid had I known the packages were in fact identical. Including VAT and standard shipping Ebuyer would have cost £206.14 making a difference to refund of £19.46 - see (quick find 73368).

2) The same amount as a credit on my account to spend on other things, plus a £7+VAT delivery credit.

3) If the games advertised with the product are available in your warehouse, a straight swap with the game I have here via post.


Simon. " More Info
28/07/2005 " Query ref: OLQ 310429
Email sent 28/07/05:

This isn't a query, just a thankyou. I got my order yesterday and it works perfectly! an exceptionally quick arrival, thankyou very much. You should have a feedback option too!!!

Alison Salmon
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10/06/2005 " Hi.

I received my package yesterday, not very happy!

- Motherboard box was in poor condition
- Heatsink for the HDD was jammed over the top of the WRONG side of the HDD and ontop of the static bag, proved difficult to break away from the HDD
- CPU pin BENT

Not bothered about the first 2 points, just gripes more than anything, but a CPU bent pin isn't acceptable.

I have had success in the past when I've had bent pins and I've bent them back. I did ideally want my system up and running this weekend (have more parts coming from you guys hopefully today).

I think you should revise how you package your OEM CPU's as I think the pink foam you use is too dense or isn't dense enough!!! Either the pin has bent with someone closing the tight black box and the pin being caught or there was too much movement in the box. The box was VERY bubble wrapped, so that wasn't an issue.

Please get back to me ASAP - was waiting on hold for 10 minutes and couldn't wait any longer. Hope this is just as efficient as ringing you.

Please advise.

Thanks. " More Info
26/09/2004 " The site is very well designed and easy to use. The only niggle I have with the site is that once an order has been placed (I purchased a new PC today from you) there are no options to review your orders. Check out the Amazon website, they have that feature and it is so useful.

Also, I would suggest that the order is e-mailed to the purchaser for them to have a copy.

Other than that this is a very well thought out site that is easy to navigate.

Richard Nicholls " More Info

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