The Word

  • Posted : 03/11/2010
  • Name: Chris Newton
  • Subject: Website ordering process


" All I wanted was to buy a good mouse. Your site had been recommended to me. Your price seemed fair. You had the sale.

And then I encountered your ordering pages, where I had to sign up for an account, navigate order form pages so full of irrelevant junk that even my ad-blocker cried and it took me more than a minute to actually find the few important bits of information, remember to uncheck the "please spam me" option you helpfully checked by default (with a generous promise to do so no more than twice a week... seriously?), waste yet more time clicking through a whole series of messages just to disable an insurance policy that doesn't make much sense when buying a component like this anyway but is enabled by default and costs more money, figure out how to change the delivery options to before noon... And then I got bored, gave up and bought the product somewhere else in under one minute start to finish.

However, as therapy for the ten minutes of my life I just wasted on your site, and because some people I know seem to think you're generally a decent company so perhaps you will consider this anecdote informative and/or amusing at your next meeting in customer services, I am sending you this message anyway. Though I did consider not doing so, given that you don't even have an advertised e-mail address and seem to want my whole life story just to try to help you out.

All I wanted to do was buy a good mouse. "

Scan's Action

" Hello Chris,

Sorry you feel frustrated !

In short, I’ll give you a quick explanation for the points you have raised :-

1) Login & Sign Up :- We require additional log in details and sign up details to prevent fraud and protect our existing customers.
a. Email and password is ok for sites with low value items or services such Hotmail.
b. We get attempted frauds in excess of £10k a day, which are caught by our team, based on the additional details provided at login.
2) A sign up also helps when managing returns and technical support. Given that we sell high end IT equipment, this is essential. If we were selling Books, CDs, or Meat Pies, then the Warranty or support requirement would be much less, negating the need for a sign up!
3) Re Insurance, this is just a simple click. There are plus points, some of our more expensive mice have been damaged by the end user after receipt and to their advantage, they now have a new replacement.
4) The Checkout Process - The whole process is done in three steps
a. Choose Insurance
b. Chose Delivery
c. Choose payment
5) The “spam me” - this is a common practice online, and the click out option is easy to do.
6) The delivery options – Click change and choose! We offer a guaranteed delivery date as opposed to more common 3-5 day service! Are the options unclear ?
7) Not having an email address – there is a valid reason, Using a web form guarantees that the request comes through and gives us the opportunity to direct it to the correct team, in order to expedite a reply. Using email you are the mercy of mail servers and on occasion mail does get lost! This being the case, we took an active step to track all the service functions based on the time it took to answer our On Line Queries. This gives better service and accountability in our responses. Hopefully this is demonstrated by our response to your dissatisfaction.

People think we are a decent company as we have our “hearts on our sleeves”. .. Hopefully you will get the same feeling by the passionate email I am sending to you. We do care and we do serve!

Believe me, your therapy treatment, will not have gone to waste. Each of your points has been reviewed and there are some equally valid reasons for the way things are done!

Thanks again, sorry you feel we have let you down..

Scan "