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  • Posted : 12/01/2011
  • Name: Trevor Hemsley
  • Subject: web browser seem to have broken the ordering process


" -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Hello, you seem to have broken the ordering process on your website for those of us who use the Mozilla Seamonkey web browser (based form the same code that Firefox uses). The symptoms are that it is impossible to checkout. A further symptom is, for example, pressing the radio button to remove Scansure insurance does not autoupdate but waits for you to hit the Proceed button at the bottom of the page. This did work a few months ago (I think November was the last time I placed an order).
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- "

Scan's Action

" Hi Trevor,

Thank you for your comments and feedback, I believe our website development department have called you directly.
They working on this currently and it should be up and running very soon.

If you require us to place an order via our sales department or any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Regards, "