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  • Posted : 24/01/2011
  • Name: arthur
  • Subject: Payment taken for Pre-order item


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I am very disappointed with this company. Early in January 2011 I ordered a clickfree 500 hard drive. Immediately I received an e-mail outlining that this product was temporarily out of stock and an estimated date of 24 January was given. On checking I found that they had immediately my debited my card with the full amount knowing that this product was out of stock and there was no definitive time for its dispatch. When querying this over the phone I was told that they could not get any more this item. So now I have to wait for the payment to be debited to my account not a good service at all. I hope others get to see my remarks, however I will publish the same to the consumer forums.
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" Hi Arthur,

The refund has been done on 24th January but a direct bank transfer takes approx 2-3 working days for the banks to process back to your account. This is something which we have no control over and I hope that you can appreciate that.

I also appreciate your comments about taking payment before despatch, but this is something which has been a successful standard company procedure for over the last 20 years for 1000's of orders a day. We have not dishonoured your contract of sale by taking payment for your order - you entered into the sale with us and we agreed to make best efforts to supply the goods you ordered at the price advertised. The item was pre-order when the order went through and we very promptly contacted you to let you know about the delay the same day that you were expecting it to be despatched out. The reason why we take payment automatically and immediately after your order went through is to facilitate a speedy and efficient despatch. There are four stages to each order (as demonstrated by the parcel tracking service). Any invoices raised onto our system must complete each stage in order, before they can progress onto the next.

ie. Payment has to be authorised before the order can be allocated stock and completed. The order must be completed before it can be labelled and booked for despatch.

As I say, the method of taking payment before shipping is one we have employed for the past 20 years and is absolutely necessary for us to ensure a streamlined and efficient delivery service it holds you in a queuing system for when stock is received and is also a fraud prevention method.

With regards your recent order, it is regrettable that you have decided to cancel your order, but we do appreciate your frustrations and we have honoured your request to cancel the order. Your money has been refunded already and will be on your card in the next 1-2 days depending on who you bank with.

Many thanks for your patience and custom despite the disappointments caused and I do hope there is some way that you can consider coming back to us and giving us another chance in the future. "