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  • Posted : 23/02/2011
  • Name: Gerard Murphy
  • Subject: Website comment and delivery fee to Ireland


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Hi there
Tonight is the first time I have used your site - to purchase Dimastech Bench / Test Table Easy V2.5 as seen in Custom PC Apr 2011 - I have 2 problems: (1) Your shipping costs seem excessive compared to whom I also deal with & (2) I had major problems with entering my address as I found the fields of entry very confusing, namely asking for my house number since most sites take that in the first 'address line' (I thought initially you were going to get my address from the postcode but you weren't) - any way I ended up in a loop because your database gave my address as '3 3 Sequoia Park' instead of '3 Sequoia Park' and I then had to edit my address which wasn't really editing it as your database asked me instead for an alternative address which then got me in another loop until I figured out the database's logic for address entry - however I could not delete the '3 3 Sequoia Park' address until I went through with the order and then entered 'My Account' and edited / deleted the wrong address from there - I can honestly say I would not have gone through with the order except there seemed to be no way out at that point of the second address - Anyway, I am making the latter complaint as I have been purchasing on the web for 14 years and have NEVER run into this problem before - could I recommend that you clarify with a link at each address line what you are asking for (a bit like the 3 digit credit card code link) or else don't ask for the house number - I hope you will accept my genuine concerns here as I wasted a lot of time on this order and I'm sure you would not want to put off new customers with convoluted ordering processes - many thanks for your attention - Dr Gerard Murphy
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Scan's Action

" Hi Mr Murphy,

Thank you for taking the time out to send us your thoughts and feedback on our website. It is greatly appreciated! We are always looking for ways in which to improve our service and, quite literally, our ears are always open to any comments or suggestions, whether they are positive or negative. It is through feedback that we are able to really understand the needs of our customers and put our energy into the appropriate areas.

I have forwarded your comments to our wesbsite development department and our directors for their consideration - watch this space for developments on the website! :)

With regards to the delivery cost I am sorry you feel this is quite high, this is the carge applied by DPD the couriers who deliver to Ireland I believe they also use a sub-contracting company in Ireland.

Regards, "