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  • Posted : 14/05/2011
  • Name: Mr Kashmir Sohal
  • Subject: Incorrect card type selected


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There seems to be an issue with your online ordering system.

On more than one occassion, it has accepted my order but within 1 day, each time, my card details have been declined due to "incorrect card type selected". In the most recent case apparently i selected "Visa" type, while the card type is a "Mastercard". As soon as i have called your customer service executive has spotted the "issue" within 5 seconds. i just dont understand why the issue isnt spotted earlier at the ordering stage and moreover why the order is accepted if the payment details arent acceptable.

The cycnical side of me is questioning whether this is a ploy to get customers to select more immediate delivery options (after this delay) or being able take more time in delivering the item or whether its so that the payment details can be accessed after they have been submitted securely.

I never have this problem with any other website, but only Scan. This is a real shame as your other support is good and your prices are quite competitive even if you tend to have stock outs on half of the items i tend to look for.

I hope that the system can be improved.

Best Regards
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Scan's Action

" Thank you for your email and comments,

I apologise for any inconvenience or disappointments caused, our online and banking systems are automated and having tested it this morning I can assure you there is no fault with this. We have thousands of transactions being authorised or declined through the banking system and it does not give us a reason for this decline until we go through each order, you receive an automated email once payment is either accepted or declined. As you can appreciate if we receive hundreds of declined orders we are unable to manually go through each to check if a customer has entered incorrect details this lies with the customer at the point of ordering to enter the correct card type and details.

Regards, "