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  • Posted : 26/05/2011
  • Name: Mark Felton
  • Subject: Feedback on new website


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Customer Comment Details
Just wanted to drop a quick line on the new layout of your website, to put it bluntly it is aweful, the homepage is too busy, its hard to track where everything is, its organisation is bad. Also as you have now removed the side bar on left the whole page looks too wide. Layout is hard to follow, you have a heading of what people love about scan and directly under that you have "closed bank holiday monday" thats not a reason to like your company. its a drawback, the new links are hard to understand as they dont really match any other web site or rules, yes you stand out but not in a good way. just thought you should know unless its for a HUGE saving i shall not be recomending your site to anyone as it would be an embaresment
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- "

Scan's Action

" Hey Mark,


But we are hearing you. Here are my thoughts on your comments

1) Busy Homepage - We have used this as a main point of navigation. Agreed on the busy homepage however the removing of the side has significantly reduced the clutter.
a. Compare this to Tesco
b. Amazon
c. Play

I'm of the opinion that we are far less cluttered.

Would love to know who you see as a model site.

2) Re width, this has been restricted. The reason for widening the page is to make the inveractive space less cluttered.
a. Q.. What screen res are you using
b. Q. Have you used the zoom function in the browser ?

3) RE the Why customers love scan and the RSS news feed.
a. This box is about Scan!
b. The fact we are closed is simply that the staff need a days break from working 6 days x 20 hours.
c. It's simply a box of awareness and this does nto reflect our service.
d. Your point of relating our CS to our being closed is a misinterpreted.
e. See this in context of the other items in the box i.e the awards, the word page etc.

4) Re New links - Are you referring to the footer ? Please let us know. The header has not changed. The colour coding is now consistent throughout the site.

5) Re not recommending customers, well what more can we say? We feel we have a fair approach and our service is more often than not, TOP. You have to do as you see fit.

We hope this response goes some way to assure you that we do take an active interest in listening to views and replying! However, in some cases, you simply can't please all!

Please let us know the answers to the above point so we can further evaluate your issues.

Thanks, "