The Word

  • Posted : 21/07/2011
  • Name: Sean Taylor
  • Subject: Store Visit


" I called in wednesday afternoon, normally i would order over the internet, which ive always had a great service. but then came the visit,,my first impressions of the store was great,, clean, plenty on display to look at. as for the returns department, very helpful, well very helpful is an understatement, talk about going way over the call of duty, they helped me with the my initial problem, within minutes, no quibbling, just keen to help. Then they helped me source a major memory problem with my Pc. that was a bit of a nightmare. but the challenge was taken up and the solution was found,which i cant thank you enough, its been driving me daft for 6months as for the gentleman on the till, he had a great knowledge of all the products they stock and great customer service skill aswell. to sum things up, i had a great experience, i would have no problem recommending this company and any company should be judged on first impressions,product knowledge and how they handle things, when something goes wrong, and all of these they get 10 out of 10.. i had a great time and i will be visiting again,keep up the great work, thanks again, Sean "