The Word

  • Posted : 06/08/2011
  • Name: Paul Birmingham
  • Subject: Scan is one of the best PC stores!


" I just want to mention that scan are one of the best pc stores i've ever encountered or they are thee best, and I am proud to say that I am a regular customer, the staff have been so helpful in helping me to set up my eyefinity systems with a few errors on the way. Everytime I phoned for technical, sales or even customer service for advice not once have they been rude or obnoxious, they have been helpful all the way and my continuing custom and recommendations will always be scan. 100% vote all the way and I wish you all the best on winning the 2011 awards. I would also mention that if I knew all the members of staff names that I have spoken to I would name them but I do remember chris and lee, thanks for your advice and keep up the good work.
Paul "