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  • Posted : 11/08/2011
  • Name: Mrs Suzanne Jones
  • Subject: Very helpfull and understanding


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I would just like to thank scan and your customer service team for being so helpfull really, i wish i could have given names of who i spoke to but i get the impression i would have been treated the same no matter who i spoke to, i have used scan only once before and was very impressed with the speed and the amount of information i recieved on my order, but i have recently ordered the parts to build a whole system, it is the first time i have done this and i was very paniky over parts going out of stock and delivery dates etc. and through the day made a number of phonecalls and everytime i spoke to someone different and they were all very helpfull and understanding. My order is due for delivery in about an hour and i would just like to say that i will deffinately be using scan for the forseable future, i stuggle to find anywhere with the prices as low you charge and none with such a great website and brillient customer service AND unbelievable delivery service. I am also confident that if i have any issues i would easily be able to sort them out with you. How and why you dont charge more i dont understand thank you very much for a great service.
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