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  • Posted : 19/08/2011
  • Name: Mr Paul Bibire
  • Subject: A Company I Can Trust


" I've been building a new computer (as you might have guessed from what I bought), and have been delighted with the service I have had from Scan. Your web-site was always accurate in telling me what stock was available, and the goods were always substantially and safely packed. Your prices were also usually competitive. Deliveries were always immediate - DPD is a particularly good and careful courier-firm, and I particularly like the fact that they tell me when to the hour (and on at least one occasion to within ten seconds! - I timed him) the delivery will take place. That means I can use the rest of the day, and am not trapped in the house all day waiting...

It is good to be able to deal with a company that I feel I can trust.

Thank you. I hope and plan to go on dealing with you.

Paul Bibire.

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Mr Paul Bibire,

Thank you for your recent order with Scan.

This is a courtesy email to confirm you have received your delivery in good
condition and everything is in excellent working order. We look to provide a
prompt and proactive after sales service and our aim is to create a more
streamlined and efficient system for our customers. Should you have any
queries or problems please reply to this email and your query will be
actioned with the highest priority. Of course, if you’re happy with our
service we’d love to hear back from you too : )

Once again, thank you for your custom.

Scan Computers

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