The Word

  • Posted : 17/10/2005
  • Name: Adrian Bennett
  • Subject: Happy 3XS Customer


" Hi Ben,

Thanks for getting in touch. The purchasing process has been very simple and I really like the progress bar. I would suggest that this could be made clearer if it was obvious the photos denoted the beginning or end of a stage.
I also think it would be beneficial to put up an idea of time taken for set up and the additional cost for the credit agreement.

I bought this for company use on personal expenses, so knowing the time lag on the credit agreement I think I would have avoided it!

Finally the machine seems to be running fine, although I am a little surprised at its noise. I thought it would run a lot quieter than it does.

Thanks again.

Adrian "

Scan's Action

" Resolution:

I have contacted the customer and advised him to enable Q-Fan to lower the Fan Noise and Slightly lower the dial on the rear for the Evo CPU controller

Customer has done this and is now happy with the noise level of the system, and passed the customers ideas to Web Dept

Finance typically only adds about another day onto the lead time – unless the customer is collecting, in which case it’s down to how fast the customer gets their documents in for us to process. "