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  • Posted : 14/09/2011
  • Name: Christopher Clark
  • Subject: I work the usual 9-5pm


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Missed delivery on my order cause I work the usual 9-5pm, delivery company could not guarantee an out of work hours redelivery time, so basically immpossible for them to deliver signed to me or any other normal working person for that matter...? So had to make a 23 mile round trip to their collection office on the other side of the city. Only other option was to pay them 10 pounds more for a saturday morning redelivery!! This is my only complaint and I wont be buying from you again for this reason. The option to pick a royal mail delivery would be the solution. Many more local collection offices with royal mail and my local one is within walking distance.
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" Thank you for your email and comments,

We do state online all our deliveries are made via courier and their delivery times are between 09.00-17.30 sorry if this was inconvenient 99% of courier companies I believe are the same.

We give many options online at the time of ordering the main being the option to change your address to any in the Uk for example Works/Family/friend this would have then saved you an unnecessary journey for collection. As they are a standard courier many Royal Mail post offices will not hold or sign for deliveries from them.

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