The Word

  • Posted : 01/11/2011
  • Name: Joseph Cross
  • Subject: The Word From Scan Customer


" Hi
I’ve no doubt that this compliment will be one of many on a long list received by your company, but I still feel it important to add mine to that list.

I may be some what “old-school” but do believe good customer service should be recognised and for that reason I am writing to compliment Scott, a member of your Technical Returns staff.

From what must have seemed a disjointed enquiry regarding a new computer he patiently and knowledgably advised me on what level of computer components would meet my current requirements and have an element of future proofing.

As a customer with reasonable but not in-depth knowledge, the comfort you get from informed honest advice is essential especially with such a large variety of products in an ever developing industry.
Many Thanks "