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  • Posted : 21/12/2011
  • Name: Yiu-Choy Shing
  • Subject: THUMBSUP!!!


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Invoice:00E1785019 Description:SDC10/32GB class10 microsd

I just want to say thank you very much for a wonderful service you just have given me with the latest purchase you have just despatched out today!
I ordered from over two weeks ago on the same micro-sdcard that I purchased from here and they still couldn't despatch out the 1 left they had in stock, even now they say it has been delayed...
I ordered this micro-sdcard today from you and 1 hour later I received an SMS from you confirming that it has been despatched and will hopefully be delivered tomorrow...
I'm so thankful that you had stock of this item which also wasn't much more expensive than BONUS!!! :D
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! THUMBSUP!!!
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