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  • Posted : 26/01/2012
  • Name: Alex
  • Subject: Scansure Insurance


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Scansure insurance. Utterly underhand worthless way to sabotage client relationships. Will never use you again.

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Scan's Action

" Hi Alex,

Thank you for your comments, and for letting us know your views on our Scansure damage cover. Most of the improvements we've made to our over the years have been based on our customers' constructive feedback, so your opinion on this service is really important to us.

The whole idea behind this cover is to make it very cheap. It's designed to encourage people to build their own PCs, and has the additional benefit to us of simplifying the RMA process. Our research revealed that over 70 percent of RMAs happen within the first 28 days. It's hoped, that by taking the fear out of building a PC this will in turn boost the component market. This is a brand new product, that hasn't been seen anywhere else in the IT industry.

It's a shame that you feel so aggrieved by this service. We had hoped that it would aid, if not all, but some of our customers with their confidence and builds. Whilst we agree that the cover is added by default when initially checking out a basket of components. It is very easy to opt out by proceeding to the next page, and at 'Step 1' choosing to remove the additional fee from the order. This is before the website asks you for any delivery address or date and, more crucially, for any payment details. It really is hard to miss this section and we've made sure that this was clearly visible.

The Scansure charge is non-refundable once an order has shipped. However, if you are requesting a refund for a policy please provide an invoice number so we can look into this further.

Thank you for your valued feedback,

Kind regards. "