The Word

  • Posted : 01/02/2012
  • Name: Paul
  • Subject: Reception Returns


" I have been shopping at Scan for around 14 years and can honestly say I have never had a problem with anything I have ever bought. Unfortunately my Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard died at the weekend after only 4 months and I couldn't find my invoice anywhere. I was devastated as most shops won't entertain you without proof of purchase.

However, I was delighted when I popped in with it the returns desk. No invoice needed, everything already stored on the system. The 2 lads on the desk were helpful, cheerful and polite and took my return with no quibbles. The same keyboard wasn't in stock but it was replaced with another brand of similar spec/value within 5 minutes.

Abolutely stunning service in a day and age were customer service is sadly lacking in many companies. Although I shouldn't be surprised as I have never had anything other than world class service from Scan in the 14 years I have been shopping there.

Well played Scan. Well played :) "