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  • Posted : 04/03/2012
  • Name: Grant Mansell
  • Subject: Buying is great


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I've used Scan a lot now and I can safely say it will take an extremely good company to beat them in my eyes. In my dealings with them I have bought, asked questions and requested refunds. All of which have been a pleasure.

Buying is great, the selection is ace and the prices are good. When delivered I am always kept in the know every single step of the way by emails and even text messages. I can relax with Scan as they even tell me the time when my parcel's coming so I don't waste my day waiting for it.

Questions are aswered clearly, thoroughly and quickly by very pleasant people who actually seem like they want to help you unlike other companies...

Not so long ago I asked for a refund after having second thoughts. Without any questions or bother, Scan refunded the money into my account the very next morning. It was brilliant customer service and was just another thing that I was pleasantly surprised about with Scan.

All in all I rate Scan as one of my all-time favourite companies for selection, prices and most definately customer service. I will make sure I continue to use them for anything I possibly can and if you're a person who's never used Scan before and are reading this to get an idea... I can tell you that you will not be dissapointed. Scan do everything right and are a prime example on how every company should strife to be!
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