The Word

  • Posted : 15/04/2012
  • Name: Danny Hathaway
  • Subject: Scanshot Mail


" -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
We see you continue to lie about your sales. Who's to trust you. This isn't the first time you've sent us one of your Scanshots and we've bit, gone to your site only to find out the offer, which was supposed to be good up to the 20th, was shight. Your reputation continues to be questionable...
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- "

Scan's Action

" Hi Danny,

Thank you for your email,

The Scanshot offers must be bought via the email to be received, if you click the buy link on the email you will receive the discounted price. If you click on the Information button or the link to the main website this is the main price.

The Scanshot emails are only sent to selective people and therefore you must click buy off the mail. I hope this clarifies, if you would like a call to explain or talk you through it please provide a contact number and I will be happy to give you a call.

Regards "