The Word

  • Posted : 25/05/2012
  • Name: Mr Paul Hyatt
  • Subject: OC Bundle


" "Dear Scan, I have been very impressed with the service I have received from your company.

It's so very rare these days for a company to actually live up to their advertising and deliver the kind of service that most suppliers can only dream of. I have now purchased just under two thousand pounds worth of kit from you and not only have you proved to be less expensive than the competition you have done so without compromising on service. Everything
I ordered arrived the next day, well packed and ready to go. A hardware fail was swiftly dealt with under your excellent RMA service (really faultless) and even, when I managed to wipe the overclocking settings on a pre-over clocked bundle your support people have responded really quickly and delivered a solution almost immediately.

From every angle that you care to look at (price, delivery and customer service) Scan are flawless and I will be recommending you whenever I get an opportunity"

Paul Hyatt "