The Word

  • Posted : 30/05/2012
  • Name: John Gosling 'core'
  • Subject: ScanSure Claim


" I'd like to say how happy I am with the fantastic level of service from everyone I've emailed and spoken to with my recent transaction and subsequent return due to my first accident in about 18 years of over 20 years of computer building. Your prices are lower than any of my previous suppliers plus the scansure option is a very good idea. I thought I'd never need insurance but unfortunately did, everyone I spoke to was great about it as I felt quite stupid as it was my first purchase but was reassured everyone drops a clanger at some point. I have spoke to my friend and owner of the business and hopefully on my advice will end his business account with pc world and move and open an account with you guys. He told me today he was looking for a good laptop, the last desktop computers he brought were the last sandy bridge i7 apple built into the huge monitor system, not sure of it's name as I usually build Microsoft desktop equipment. Thanks again for the great prices and friendly assistance.I just wish my friend from pc world had put me onto you ages ago. "