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  • Posted : 20/06/2012
  • Name: Phil Hodge
  • Subject: Well done, keep up the brilliant service!


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Hi - I ordered a hard drive on Monday and received it yesterday. It's rare for me to spontaneously compliment suppliers as generally, they do a good job but within the confines of what a customer would expect as good service.
However, this is my first order with Scan and I must say I've been really impressed by the tremendous service you have provided. I placed the order on Monday late afternoon, was immediately informed of the status of my order at all points of the transaction and was kept informed of the delivery status yesterday advising that I would receive delivery between 4 to 6 pm - which I got around 4.30pm! All I can say is what fantastic service this is, I'm very impressed and will definitely be considering Scan for my future purchases. Well done, keep up the brilliant service!
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