The Word

  • Posted : 16/07/2012
  • Name: Simon Durrant
  • Subject: Returns


" I recently ordered a Seagate hard drive from you, which unfortunately turned out to be faulty. You quickly arranged collection for that one and dispatch of a replacement. That one also turned out to be faulty, unfortunately, and you have now issued a refund for that. There was a problem with the collection with that one, but you quickly resolved it. Meanwhile, I have ordered a Hitachi hard drive from you instead, which was delivered promptly and so far is working fine.

Throughout your customer service has been first class, and this more than anything else is why I continue to regularly order goods from Scan. With other companies, two failed hard drives would mean a lot of hassle, numerous telephone calls, followed by a decision to never use them again and spreading the word of their bad customer service. I'm so glad that you at least maintain decent standards of customer service, and I will continue to tell all the other system builders I know to buy their parts from you.

Well done; don't change! "