The Word

  • Posted : 27/07/2012
  • Name: Kevin Ruane
  • Subject: Returns Dept


" In Feb 2011 I bought an Asus motherboard from Scan. Checking it recently, I realised it suffered from a known fault which Asus had promised to replace. I spoke to Asus directly who refused to help. Scan reviewed the RMA request and kindly offered to take the board to be replaced or refunded by Asus. This took around 6 weeks due to lack of stock at Scan, however when I contacted Mark R again he ensured that your supplier was contacted again to resolve the problem.

I work in a Aerospace supply and logistics, with some of the most largest and most famous Aerospace manufacturers in the world. As you would expect, a high level of customer service and satisfaction are essential within the industry when quality and safety are paramount. The service I have received from Scan was easily equivalent to the level of service I would expect to receive every day working with Rolls Royce, Airbus, BAE Systems etc. "