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  • Posted : 13/09/2012
  • Name: Thomas Bensted
  • Subject: Too much packaging


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I have recently ordered two cables from yourselves, however, I feel the amount of bubble wrap to 'protect' the cable(s) was a bit unnecessary. for instace, a Micro USB cable does not need 8cm X 20cm X 8cm of wrap to protect it. I just feel that in this time where it is essential to prove to the consumer that a company is 'carbon neutral' that this much wrap is wasteful and unnecessary.

I don't think it is really right to put 'A carbon neutral company' on a packet when there is so much waste involved.

I would just like to see that this amount is reduced. From my predictions, I am thinking that prehaps Scan gets 750 orders per day, and maybe 10% of those are over packaged by 300g, then my guess is around 22kg of wasted plastic each day. assuming some drops in sales, this would happen around 350 times a year. I've thus calculated that scan seemingly produces 7.7 tons of unnecessary waste every year.

Please, for the sake of the environment, stop overpackaging your products.


Thomas Bensted
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Scan's Action

" Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your email and suggestion, I have passed our comments on to our management and our warehouse department. They have advised we do re-use all boxes received via suppliers to ensure we do recycle, many of the items we sell or bundle are sensitive and do require quite a lot of bubble wrap or Air bubbles to ensure the least amount of orders are received without any damage however I agree if it is a cable it does not require the amount of bubble wrap I have asked them to consider this for future orders.

Regards, "