The Word

  • Posted : 17/10/2012
  • Name: Mr Daniel Leil
  • Subject: I stopped shopping around


" Hello Scan, Tried to leave a review, but trust pilot will only accept if you log in with facebook, which then allows it to see your basic details. Not for me sorry. I had already typed the review so here it is; Have been using Scan for around 7 years, during which time I have also tried the competition. I used to spend a lot of time shopping around and a full system build would quite often involve parts from 3 or 4 different vendors. However, due to Scan's customer service and support, I have stopped using other suppliers and now I will only shop from Scan. Don't even bother price checking anymore.
I learned this the hard way, after buying a very expensive IPS 27" monitor from one of Scan's closest competitors - with a dead pixel in the centre of the screen. Zero help from the manufacturer or retailer. I should have returned it under the distance trading act but their support was so slow in answering that I went over the time allowed.
Best Regards Dan "