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  • Posted : 26/03/2013
  • Name: Barry Smith
  • Subject: Thanks to all for great service!


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I’ve been using Scan for a couple of years on the advice of a respected computer engineer.

I’m very glad that he gave me this advice. I don’t go anywhere else, now.

All of Scan’s personnel are worthy of commendation. I never feel hurried or – as a non-tech – am never made to feel stupid. This is important as serious decisions are being made by the customers and not all users of computers – professional or amateur – have the time/opportunity to master the vital stuff under the bonnet. So trust in one’s supplier is very important. Scan has repaid my trust many times for which I am very grateful.

For example, I once had to return a faulty item. There was no fuss or funny mood from the gentleman at the desk: it was dealt with in a pleasant, courteous way. That’s professionalism… and usually the area in which customers can be made to feel unwelcome and, therefore, choose not come back.

On the basis of two recent visits (25th and 26th March, 2013 – invoices ******, ******, *****, *****), I should like to pay particular compliments to two individual members of Scan.

MARK from technical support
I rang tech support a couple of times on the 25th before setting off for Scan. I wasn’t sure about a technical matter that would be the decider of whether or not to make my purchases.
Mark was very patient and, in an unhurried way explained matters in language that a lay person could easily understand. I hadn’t promised to buy anything… but he didn’t push; instead he gave the advice fully, efficiently and in a friendly manner. That’s professionalism!
When I rang a second time, it was because I was really confused about something else. Mark un-confused me swiftly!… and ensured, before ending the call, that I really had understood his advice. Professionalism again… and greatly appreciated!

HITZ on the sales desk
Hitz could not have been more helpful and friendly, giving good clear advice.
I placed an order to buy a particular monitor and then changed my mind for another one. Unfortunately, Hitz had already processed the first order. However, he didn’t mind one bit, and cheerfully and efficiently dealt with cancelling and re-invoicing. I wasn’t made to feel a nuisance… and that’s professionalism!
After coming back on the 26th to buy a second monitor, I added a pair of headphones to the order. Hitz immediately asked what they were for. I explained and, instead of the ones I had chosen, he recommended ones that were, in his professional opinion, better suited for the task. They were actually about £20 cheaper. Now, that really is professionalism!… and is guaranteed to bring the customer back in the future for other purchases.

Over my two years’ experience of switching to Scan, the company has indubitably proved that it isn’t just another box-shifter where the sale is more important than the customers’ needs. And, because of this, I wouldn’t spend my money on computer stuff anywhere else and frequently recommend Scan to others.

Thanks to all for great service!
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