The Word

  • Posted : 23/04/2013
  • Name: Natalia Obrzut
  • Subject: The right choice is SCAN!


" I can say that I've had some experience with buying computer parts in last 7 years and for me there are 3 uk's leading computer stores: overclockers uk, aria and the best one is SCAN. The reason why I say that is the fact I am just a normal customer who enjoy making changes in own pc and also I am helping my friends to make a right choice. The right choice is SCAN! The service is just incredible, you always get your things next day by dpd which is also best choice for delivering service, the price for next day delivery is always low. SCAN is offering lower prices than other retailers, parcels are always well secured, so what I am trying to say is SCAN = QUALITY !! in all aspect . THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE GOOD JOB YOU DOING GUYS A+++++++++++++++++++++ "