The Word

  • Posted : 12/07/2013
  • Name: Mark Eidson
  • Subject: Look no further than Scan Computers


" If you are looking to buy a PC, look no further than Scan Computers. As a person with intermediate experience of computers, I was looking for a gaming PC, to a budget I had in mind. The problem I face like so many other people is knowing what parts to buy - what is current, what is future proof, what is over spec'd. Scan took me through all this and more. I thought I'd try and pick the parts that reviewers and guides suggested, but when putting all this together, I was building something only NASA would require. By simply talking to these guys, the told me what they would have personally, what they deemed necessary, and what and most importantly I didn't need. The result was a monster gaming PC for under a thousand pound.

To compliment their services even more, I recently had an issue with the PC (it can happen and no blame apportioned to Scan). When I phoned, the technical help wasn't as most are - belittling - it was straight talking advice that made sense and they guided me through with ease. This unfortunately didn't solve the problem. So what next? They immediately arranged for it to be picked up. Fixed it within 24 hours of receipt, and phoned to arrange shipping as soon as they'd tested it, ready for shipping back.

Not only would I recommend Scan to domestic customers, but also to commercial. I installed many a HP and Dell computer, and when a problem arises with them, it's a fight to get hold of them, a fight to confirm the responsibility of the issue, and a fight to get it fixed. Scan do not give you any of these issues. They do the job right from start till finish, and I cannot thank them enough. "