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  • Posted : 13/07/2013
  • Name: Tom
  • Subject: Creating an account


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It took me ages to create an account as each password I tried was rejected because I "may have entered invalid characters" or something like that. By default I use 50 character randomly generated passwords, so I think what it meant was that the passwords were too long. A simple update to specify any upper limits on password length and more accurate feedback would make the entire process a lot smoother. I came close to giving up and just going to another vendor.
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" Hi Tom,

Thank you for your email and comments,

I apologise sincerely you had trouble with creating an online account, we are actually looking to go live with a new section of our website tomorrow, and in fact a new Basket and Log-in function this should be a lot easier. Sorry again for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards, "