The Word

  • Posted : 22/07/2013
  • Name: Mr Paul Alexander
  • Subject: poised like a young leopard


" Very Happy Customer Feedback

Amazing speed. It was like someone was waiting poised like a young leopard to fulfil my order. As the key activated the connection signifying 'buy now', the young putative athlete sprinted down the aisle, whilst processing my card details via an infra red banking communications device (no doubt from the future). Skilfully picking the item in mere milliseconds from the rack, he no doubt threw it 600 metres directly into the arms of a waiting DPD driver, at the wheel of some souped-up twin V8 Transit van.
A special DPD rocket was probably used to fire said parcel through some form of devious space portal to me.
The delivery guy did dawdle somewhat climbing up to my flat on the third floor though. "