The Word

  • Posted : 03/11/2005
  • Name: Will Moy - PACTS
  • Subject: Address label came through incomplete


" Hey there,

I placed the order through your website, which I seem to recall has a fairly prescriptive address form. The usual emails came through; fine.

Next day, when the delivery hadn't come through by midday, I
thought there might be an issue; when it hadn't come through by 5pm I was pretty convinced; but of course you have to stay until 6pm: sod's law, this was the one day when I was hoping to get the 5.30 train to have dinner with my brother. Checking the city link site throughout the day only revealed that it had been loaded onto the van.

Today, after I called, but before I was called back, the parcel arrived, addressed:



.... which is understandably hard to find.

I was called back about an hour after the delivery, with an
explanation and the waiver of the delivery charge. I think scan have handled the situation very well, given that mistakes do happen. However, the delivery driver mentioned that he had attempted delivery in the morning of tuesday and the bad address had made it impossible. My only outstanding question therefore is why someone didn't get in touch and try to sort it out, or at least provide some notification that delivery could not go ahead.

I hope this is of some use to you; having shopped happilly with scan before, I intend to continue doing so.


Will Moy "

Scan's Action

" Having investigated this further, we have discovered that there was indeed an error in our systems which meant that some fields did not correctly filter all the information through the database and onto the delivery address label. Thankfully, this issue has affected only a very small percentage of orders but we can appreciate that on each one of these it may have caused a delay with Citylink as a result of the insufficient delivery information. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our apologies to anyone who has been affected by this. As a mark of our appreciation for Mr Moys patience and in recognition of the problems he experienced, we have issued a goodwill free carriage on his next order.

To follow on from this and utilise Mr Moys feedback to improve our systems, our in-house web developers have invested the time to fix the error on the database. This will prevent the problem from happening again.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "