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  • Posted : 23/07/2013
  • Name: Chris Taylor
  • Subject: It's no wonder people on forums rave about Scan!


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I finally decided to build my own system for video/photo editing and after reading reviews and getting recommendations from forums I took the plunge with Scan after sticking with one of their competitors for the last 5-6 years. I was a little sceptical at spending almost £2.5k with a company I'd never used but hey, unless you try you never know do you?

All I can say is fantastic customer service! Everything came (very) well packed and updates on packing, posting and delivery was superb although I don't think the delivery man was too happy at the size and weight of the parcels! Everything was sent to my email and also text messages sent to my phone which I thought was a nice touch.

Currently deciding whether to make my old PC in to a HTPC and if I do I will definitely be using Scan to order any parts I need.

It's no wonder people on forums rave about Scan! Now I do as well :)
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