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  • Posted : 30/07/2013
  • Name: David Cieszynski
  • Subject: staff a brilliant


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Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to say that whenever I shop at your store the staff a brilliant, willing to impart their knowledge and expertise and will try their up-most to ensure that I get what I need not want, and the atmosphere / environment is a calm, welcoming and uncluttered shop.

The two people I have had most dealings with a blonde hair lady and guy called Zac (I think that's his name), when I had issues setting up my Raspberry Pi with regards to power supplies and keyboard issues they both went out of their way to ensure I bought compatible equipment.

I wanted to mention this as in today's society we are quick to criticise / complain but slow to commend / compliment people / companies.


David Cieszynski
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