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  • Posted : 21/10/2013
  • Name: David McEvoy
  • Subject: Good customer service


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Recently placed an order and because of the lack of postcodes in my area I was/am unable to use the online tracking, the email updates are quick and sufficient but I just wanted to track it even more.

I emailed customer service to see if there was any default key I could place instead of the postcode such as "NA" etc, this is when i got my reply from Dawn who proceeded to put a placeholder postcode on my address and advised me to use that stating quite clearly in her email that it might not work but was worth trying.

It might sound silly but this made all the difference in the world to me, it meant that the mail was clearly read and understood and instead of simply brushing it off and saying "no, sorry" she was willing to try find me a solution.

Now sadly it didn't work but as i said the email updates are nice and prompt! I wanted to thank Dawn again and make sure sge was recognised.
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