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  • Posted : 13/12/2013
  • Name: Gordon Bibby
  • Subject: Thank you for recommendation.


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I have recently bought a new Desk Top computer system from your store on Saturday, 7th December. When I put the system together into the box, the system wouldn't power up. After returning first the power supply, which was found to be OK, and then the motherboard which was also found to be OK, I called in 'Control alt delete', to see if they could find the fault. They arrived at my house within a couple of hours, and as a result of the visit, my desk top system is now working (thought to have been a short circuit between motherboard and the case).
As you recommended 'Control alt delete' to help solve any system problems, I would like to give you this positive feedback about their very prompt and good service.

Best Regards

G Bibby
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