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  • Posted : 21/01/2014
  • Name: Paul
  • Subject: Short supply Issue


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Customer Comment Details
On Thursday 17/01/14 I ordered a 32gb samsung note 3 from your website. This was all processed as normal with 2 emails sent from yourself accepting the order then taking payment and advising mr that the desert date would be Monday the 20th. On Monday the 20th at 13:01 you sent an email to myself stating "Thank you for your custom. We're writing to let you know that unfortunately your order has been delayed due to a shortage in stock of the following item(s):

LN53333 -Samsung N9005 GNote3 32GB Blk

We have been informed that the above items are now discontinued and we're not able to replenish our stock as we had hoped. However, we're still able to proceed with your order immediately if you can select an alternative or remove this item. "

I called your hotline to get so help and advice only to be that you could offer me a full refund which while appreciated is really what you are legally obliged to do. The adviser gave me know other options and because of this I find myself having to take my business elsewhere due to the lack of any effort on your part to help a customer or give mr any reason to shop with you again
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Scan's Action

" Thank you for your email and Feedback,

I apologise sincerely for any disappointment caused, the offer was massively over bought and the demand outstripped supply.

This leaves us in a very difficult position on having to allocate stock.

We have chosen to allocate stock based on a First Come First Served basis in general. We had tried to source more stock however were unable to obtain any more and as such the only offer we could make was a full refund I am sorry for the obvious upset and disappointment caused.

Regards, "