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  • Posted : 12/02/2014
  • Name: kevin miller
  • Subject: Delayed order due to stock


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Customer Comment Details
I ordered 2 items [invoice id] (00E22006**) from which where marked as in stock at around 12pm midday and it took you until 19:05 for you's to email and text that my items will be delayed until the 19th Feb, thats my next day before 12pm delivery up in the air eh, I choosed that option as i needed them asap not frickin next week.
I'll be calling you tomorrow theres no excuse for what you've done, you plenty of time to notify me before you closed to either change or cancel my order.

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Scan's Action

" Thank you for your email and comments,

I apologise sincerely for the problems and delay experienced with your recent order, I can see when your order was placed online it showed in stock, but was showing low stock as we only had one left. Our website currently does not show how many of an item is available it either shows, in stock, low stock or Pre-order.

The reason our email system only sends the email so late is our warehouse work up until 8pm both receiving and shipping orders as such for example if we had 100 orders out of 1000 which were out of stock and we sent out emails at 4pm it could result in customers changing or cancelling their orders with still a four hour window of when new stock could be replenished.

I can see you called and spoke to my colleague Johny this morning and swapped both graphics cards for alternatives delivery is now set as tomorrow. Sorry again for any inconvenience caused.

Regards, "