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  • Posted : 12/02/2014
  • Name: Robert
  • Subject: Excellent packaging and service


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I am writing in defence of SCAN answering to a comment about packaging

Every order I have received from SCAN has been well packaged for transit (not to the point were it ever been excessive or to much) as the comment I read suggested, however I can't comment on that particular coustomers experience maybe a little less packaging could of been used am not sure

Whoever I am sure that it's nice to know when I am personally ordering components from SCAN they come well packaged (its nice to know that THAT £400+ motherboard and CPU will arrive to me in one peace) I would rather SCAN go a little bit over the top with their packaging as apposed to next to nothing when £400 plus is involved.

To everyone @ SCAN thank you very much and continue with your excellent packaging and service
Thank you

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