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  • Posted : 28/04/2014
  • Name: Christo de lange
  • Subject: Kept up to date.


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I just wanted to write in to Thank Gemma Kinsella for everything she has done to help me get a G-sync module fitted in my Asus Monitor. From keeping me up to date regularly over the course of over 6 weeks via phone and email,to ensuring a G-sync module is reserved for me when stock arrived. Even after a 5 week wait from the supplier for new hardwarde she did not forget about me. She was even prepared to stay till after closing hours to allow me to drop my monitor off as I could not make it in time. She even came down herself to receive and carry my monitor and pass it on to the engineers to do their magic on it. That is fantastic customer service and I am truly grateful for all her hard work. Considering I only purchased something inexpensive I can only applaud her for her dedication. Thanks a Million Gemma! Would recommend Anyone to use SCAN and in particular Gemma on this occasion time and time again! Brilliant!
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