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  • Posted : 05/06/2014
  • Name: Aidan Sansom
  • Subject: Technical department very helpful


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I have to say as soon as I started talking to Mark about my technical problem, he immediately gauged exactly my level of knowledge about PC components, and responded in a way that wouldn't patronise me. I really appreciated that. It says that he doesn't just 'hear' people, but actually listens.

As I described my problem with my graphics card, the more information he got, the more ideas he came out with regarding what might be the cause of the problem, and possible solutions I could try before sending the thing back (beta drivers, a videoBIOS flash - which I hadn't considered). This is also fantastic, as it could save me a returns procedure.

As it turned out, the suggestions didn't fix what was wrong with it (not his fault! they were good suggestions), and I called Mark back. Within a couple of minutes the whole RMA procedure was complete, and I had collection time, and a return day.

Mark was polite, friendly and courteous throughout, and it was really refreshing to get to speak to someone in tech support who is as engaged and proactive as him. please hang on to him - he's extremely valuable to your customers, and to you.

All the best,

Aidan Sansom
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