The Word

  • Posted : 13/06/2014
  • Name: Mr Robert Ockelford
  • Subject: High Quality of Service


" I've recently bought a few things from scan, I've come to realise that you seem to work on a much higher quality of service than other suppliers. Last Friday I spent 4 hours rebuilding my PC in your returns dept in Horwich. In the end, it was a warranty issue with the case, and the part was replaced - but your staff made the process very easy and pleasant and helped alot. They also spent quite some time in diagnosing the problem. (2 members on the returns desk and 2 separate staff members from the bundles team, one of which had a broken ankle, but stood up to help)

When I needed a new hard disk (this order) I didn't look anywhere else, but the price was great anyway.


Rob "