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  • Posted : 19/06/2014
  • Name: Ewa Loumbee-Mc Cabe
  • Subject: Best on-line shopping experience I ever had


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I ordered from Scan a GChic monitor for my SurfacePro2. The monitor was recommended to me by Microsoft technical support as compatible with my tablet. Unfortunately, it was not available in Ireland where I live, or at Amazon.UK which I often use. Delivery from the US (Amazon or not Amazon), where this monitor seems to be popular, was not possible. After some research I ordered it from a UK company, which promised a prompt delivery. I was out of luck there, the company first lied to me about the item being on its way, then went into liquidation. I am in the process of getting my money back from PayPal. I needed my GChic, so I gambled again on a UK delivery and Scan was the one that had the monitor in stock. I cannot praise it higher. After a very professional chat on-line, I placed my order, got the ETD, could follow the progress on-line, including DPD tracking, location after location. The monitor arrived exactly as scheduled, beautifully wrapped to protect the screen. I even got the approx. hour of delivery (9.30-11.30, delivered at 10.15!). It was the best on-line shopping experience I ever had. I will certainly use Scan again.
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