The Word

  • Posted : 23/07/2014
  • Name: Mr Alan Corker
  • Subject: Freeking awesome!


" Freeking awesome in ever respect!!

I've worked in IT for 25 years and not encountered a better service.

The ability to choose every type of DPD delivery, and on Saturdays too is very refreshing!

Coupled to a very well designed and functional website and outstanding support via a voice-call, you are in safe hands.

Forget the 'box-shifters' that don't care too hoots about you, this lot care about the whole process and are wise enough to realise repeat-business and compound word-of-mouth growth are critical to both build and maintain a business such as an IT-hardware releated endevour with such high overheads and low margins.

Well done.

Can you send the the beer now please? ;-) "