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  • Posted : 31/07/2014
  • Name: Campbell
  • Subject: Delayed Order


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Bought some upgrades for my pc, to their credit, you had it out the door the next day, however DPD had the parcel sitting in their warehouse for over 24 hours. This is unacceptable service in my mind. I live in Northern Ireland and was about to order a pc case, all was going well up until the point where the only option for delivery was Monday next week. Are you serious? That was a few hours ago - midweek this week, and the best you can do is next week? Unbelievable. By nickel and diming on your courier, you only lose customers, which is what is happening right now.

I'm taking my money elsewhere, to a retailer that doesn't use exclusively third world delivery options.
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Scan's Action

" Hi Campbell,

Thank you for your email and comments,

Upon checking your online order, when it was placed online on Saturday the delivery date which was selected was the 30th July. I am not sure if this is the date provided by our website or what was requested by yourself.

I can see our emails were showing to be the 29th July as a delivery date. I am looking into this matter to see if it was an error our end or with DPD. I am sorry for the delay with your order.

I would like to offer free delivery on a future order with Scan if you would like to redeem this offer please reply to this email with your next invoice number.

Regards, "