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  • Posted : 14/08/2014
  • Name: Grant Muckart
  • Subject: congratulate you guys!


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So impressed with the speed and efficiency with which my order was dealt with that I felt that I really had to write in and congratulate you guys! Yesterday morning placed an order for a Seasonic power supply, and within a few hours the payment had been processed and the part dispatched. Opened my inbox this morning to see if there were any updates on my order's tracking and found out that my psu was due to arrive within a 1 hour window later this morning. That's an incredibly tight time slot, I thought, but 3 minutes into the alloted period and the delivery truck rolls up, and there I am, signing for my parcel. The psu has now been installed, it works a treat, and I can't imagine a better shopping experience. Well done. Shall definitely use Scan again
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