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  • Posted : 30/08/2014
  • Name: Archibald Drummond
  • Subject: No manual or case supplied.


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Re Invoice No 00e2317859. Sirs, This is my first purchase from you. The transaction was smooth and delivery was satisfactory. Notwithsatnding, I would comment that as the purchase made was my first ever tablet, I was initially disappointed that no guidance literature came with it. I did note on the invoice your statement that it was up to the customer to search and download any required manuals. I submit that I did not read anything to this effect when making the purchase. I have since downloaded what is hopefully the correct manual, but I found that when browsing for it, there was an assumption that a quick start guide had been read. I have made some start with it, setting calendar and date and have charged it fully. However, when I start it up all I get is the date etc and a locked padlock sign which I can't find a way of getting past. I didn't get this earlier when making the few settings I have done, but it's all I get now. So, not the best of starts. Further re delivery costs, why are the Scottish Highlands classified as Non mainland and linked with Channel Islands, Eire and N. Ireland? I live very much in Mainland UK and in an area close to major arterial routes and a lot more easily reached from your neck of the woods than some parts of England eg. The West Country, never mind Eire etc. Of course I recognise the Scottish Islands are a different matter.
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Scan's Action

" Hi Archibald,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your feedback and comments, we really do appreciate it. I'm sorry you were unhapy with the condition of the product and no manual being supplied.

The item is a refurbished product and we try to make it clear when our advertisement is listed it could be a download version, with regards to the cost of delivery this is provided by DPD some areas are dealt with by a sub-contracted courier and on occasions take longer for this reason they do on occasion charge a higher amount.

I apologise the free case did not come supplied, I will arrange for one to be posted today free of charge you should receive this within the next few days.

Kind Regards, "