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  • Posted : 09/09/2014
  • Name: Neel Johnson
  • Subject: Great Advise


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Hi guys

I just wanted to say that thanks for some great service. I ordered a PC case from yourselves, (00E2318193) and then a couple days later saw another case that I would have preferred. I rang up and spoke to a member of your sales team, (sorry I didn’t catch her name), and she advised that as my original order had already been loaded onto the lorry it was too late to cancel it. However I could order another case, and when DPD tried to deliver my original order I could simply refuse the delivery and it would be sent back to yourselves, you would then email me asking me what to do, and I could say please issue a refund and you would issue a refund minus the delivery cost. So I went ahead and ordered the second case (00E2319981).

The original case was ordered on a pre 12noon delivery for Saturday. The item arrived just after 12noon on Saturday and I refused delivery and it went back to yourselves. A few days later I received an email from Liz Nicholas asking me what I would like to do. I explained that I would like a refund as I’d ordered another case from yourselves. However I also asked if I could have a refund on the delivery as I paid and asked for a pre 12noon delivery but it didn’t arrive till after 12. Got an answer soon after saying that my order had been sent to your refunds dept for a full refund. No arguing!!

I’ve received an email today saying that the RMA process has been completed and a refund issued.

I just wanted to say that the whole process has been so painless and simple from my point of view, (sure that’s not the case for you guys) that I find it unbelievable other companies do not follow your model. I’m in the process of buying the components to upgrade to the new X99 chipset, (should be receiving my new MOBO from yourselves today on order number 00E2325117) and you’ve now got a totally loyal customer. I need to still buy the memory and the new CPU, (all in time as it’ll cost a bit as I will be ordering the i7-5960X) but I will be ordering these from Scan. I probably couldn’t get them cheaper anywhere else anyway, as Scan seem to be so well priced, but the simple fact is your customer service is fantastic. It’s easy for a company to sell you something. What really tests a companies Customer Service is what happens after the purchase, whether the product is faulty or you simply wish to cancel the order. I’ve used Scan a lot, (more than my wife would wish), and I finally thought I should take the time to write some feed back as you’ve never let me down.

Thanks for the great service and I hope it continues for a long time :-)

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