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  • Posted : 09/09/2014
  • Name: Victor Pilkington
  • Subject: Wish you all the success


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To all you great guys and girls at SCAN the Seagate 1TB SSHD I ordered on mon has arrived this morning in A1 condition (as always) the desktop that I am typing and sending this compliment is constructed solely of parts sourced from your good selves as is the gaming desktop I built for my son in law as are the fives desktops that have either been repaired or modified // upgraded and in all of that time which must be a few years I have never once had any cause to complain either about any of the components or the service I have received no totally the opposite applies to SCAN and all their staff when at times I have needed help or advice the staff at SCAN have been only too please to other tech help and buying advice for which I have and always will be truly in their debt as I know so little about pc,s I can assemble them its the software I have the most trouble with but no matter what my problems have been SCAN have always gone that extra mile and to me that is and should be the mantra for all business but sadly it is not the case in todays society as a 69 yrs. and I can sit and reflect on how much society and people have change we have always had and will always have those that grab grab and think very little of giving back even if its just a word of advice or help or encouragement but this ethos seems to be alive and doing very thank you at SCAN COMPUTER HARDWARE MAY I TAKE THIS OPOTUNITY TO THANK ALL AT SCAN AND MAY I ALSO WISH YOU ALL THE VERY SUCCESS NOT ONLY AT WORK BUT ALSO IN YOUR PRIVET LIVES THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP AND ADVICE I shall return as I have more components to purchase again many thanks to you all yours most sincerely Victor AP
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